7 more sleeps till MALTA!

This time next week  me and my mate Chantel will be on my way to Malta. I am super excited to be escaping my cold and grimm winter city ( London) and super duper excited to visit this foreign land for the first time. Visiting a new place is always exciting! well it isfor me anyway. Afer days, weeks or months of planning and dreaming about it , just like that it becomes real. suddenly your in a new world, for me there is no better feeling than knowing from that moment on you will never be the same.

The strange thing for me on this occassion, is that i haven’t been a “holiday” in a while. My last few adventures were 3-6 months long so, planning and preparing for this 5 day escape has been somewhat challenging. Primarily in 2 areas – packing & deciding how i am going to make the most of my time.

The Packing challenge

Packing1I am a fan and almost expert of traveling light! but this time of year, the weather can be temperamental in Malta. We could get a bit of Summer ( fingers crossed), or Spring Or even some early April showers ( boooo). My worst case scenario is the temperature dropping!  So, the challenge here is to fit a 5 day supply of day & evening wear, for all-seasons, Oh yeah and heels, something i would never bring backpacking into a small 10 Kilo bag – Challenge excepted!

The Time Challenge 

I mean i don’t have all the time in the world to explore, and take in all Malta has to offer so,

tourist-01I have had to do a lot of pre planning.  I am a person that loves to city sight see, as well as escape to the country to Hike , Bike, and may new fav travel hobby  is Horse riding. All the above are available which is great! however the un predictable weather will play a big part on what we can and can’t do . So begin the pre planner i am The challenge i set myself was to pre plan ways to save time where we could easily waste time, and also topre plan activities we can do or places we can go should the weather be a bit shitty or Sunny! so not to waste the litttle time we have. Challenge Excpted!

After so much pre planning i feel like i have been there and back already 🙂  ……I do wonder , will it be what i have imagined …..I guess we will have to wait and see.



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