3 more sleeps till MALTA

Roll on Sunday! The work week is almost over and i am more than ready to get the hell outta here!

Well actually I’m 90%  packed, and totally killing The Packing Challenge, , 75% personally ready and a whopping 100% pre planned and prepared! so, winning The Time Challenge.

Amongst other things i have figured  out the route from the airport, the walking route from the hotel to the bars of St Julian!! and also emailed  a few stables and booked us a horse riding lesson & tour for Tuesday morning -Boom!. The stables are on the other side of the island,  in a place called Golden bay. So, me being me has also mapped the bus route and shedule…..I know, i know a little over the top right -WRONG!, only there for 5 days people! the last thing i want to do is spend my time figuring out that stuff when i could be soaking it all in. I feel more independent when i know my way around -Plus being on the other side of the island means after horse riding we can get lost and explore all there is betwen the north and the south.  See i do leave room for adventure too 🙂


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