The 4 Beaches I Love most ( so far)

Padang Padang, Bali  visited May 2012

What i love about this beach – The access route to the beach and its natural charm.

The acesTo access this super cute secluded beach you have to walk down a tight staircase wedged between 2 gigantic rocks (pictures right) When you get to the end this stairway, the beach opens out in front of you and for some reason you feel like you have just been let in on a well-kept secret!                                                                                


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Pangtai Cenag,Lankawi, Malaysia visited April 2012

What I love about it : The sunsets and beach bar culture. This beach is most beautiful at eve/night, which is when it comes alive, and people flock here to eat and drink. There are a beach bars and restaurants on the beach its self. Babylon Beach Bar defo my fav!                 


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Gamboa Beach, Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil Jan 2013

What I love about this Beach: EVERYTHING!, but more specifically i love the surreal journey you need to take, along the most beautiful coastline ever,  in order to there…….gamboa

Click Image to see larger

……This coastal journey can only be taken when the tide is out, which just adds to the magic. I mean the path you take there is only visible for a few hours a day! – A set of pink cliffs mark the end of the journey and the beginning of Gamboa Beach.  People usually stop here and cover themselves in the pink clay from the cliff then proceed , onto the natural white sand beach that goes on for miles and miles. Be sure to bring water and food as there are not really any facilities therejust you the sea and Gamboa!

*Remeber once the tide comes in you can not go back the way you came, so keep an eye on the tide.


Las Vistas Beach, Tenerife  visited almost every year 

Why I love this beach: The sentimental value – I practically grew up on this beach. As children, me , my lil sis and bro , Fernando and our friends would meet here around 3pm to hangout, frolic and play, till the sunset. Even now, every time I go back  to Tenerife, I visit this beach to reminisce and watch the sunset!


Click Image to see larger


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