Malta and Me – The highlights

IM BACK! :/ 😦 🙂 and filled with mixed emotions. Its always hard coming home when all you want to do is keep exploring…..but like they say there is no place like home!

Malta is a beautiful island filled with friendly and kind people, and through its simplicity it where it becomes special and unique. All in all I think Malta is a good place to go to relax, disconnect, think and slow down. The island is a perfect place to travel solo and is possible the safest place in the world defo the safest place I have ever been.

Though I won’t be rushing back to Malta,in a hurry ,  it has become my No. 1 escape place from London. There is not that much to do however, in the five days Chantel and I managed to keep very busy day and night. We visited many different  towns,   celebrated St Patrick’s day, which the maltese surprisingly take very seriously and go all out!; celebrated St Joseph’s Feast, a festive public holiday,  as well as getting lost in the maze like streets and walking the coastline that goes on for miles and miles – So beautiful.

Here are my best bits!

Sliema & St Juilans – lovely coast line , great night life & just a peaceful place to be. SLIEMA 2

Above: Sliema on the right , St Julian’s on the far leftSILEMA

Above :Sliema; Below :St Julian’s – These two towns bleed  into one another but you can tell when you have left one and entered the other. Sliema is a centre for shopping, restaurants and café life. Tas-Sliema is also a major commercial and residential area Tas-Sliema, means ‘peace, comfort’ and it is exactly what it says on the tin..St Julian’s is known for tourism-oriented businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and nightclubs which are centred mainly in an area known as Paceville. ST JULIANS


Rabat & St Jospeh’s Feast -This is one of the public holidays in Malta, known as Jum San Ġużepp. People celebrate mass in the morning, and in the afternoon go for a picnic. However, the city of Rabat celebrates the traditional Maltese feast on the 19th of March, with a massive lunch and drinks spilling into the city streets followed by a marching band, then in the evening a procession is also held with the statue of St Joseph.Ii was interesting to see traditions such as these still begin carried out by both the elder and younger generations alike. ST JOSEPH FEAST____________________________________________ ___________

Mdina- is a medieval walled town situated on a hill in the centre of the island. Once the capital of Malt but, now is an up scale residential area  and tourist attraction. Even though the streets are filled with tourists it is still so quite! MDINAThe Door knockers of Mdinaits the little things that make all the difference sometime. 


Theses DOOR KNOCKERS - MALTAdetailed door knockers are something that i found quite interesting in Mdina.                                           ________________________________________________________________________ 

Valleta – is the capital Malta, and also a Unesco world heritage site-  It didnt feel like a capitol it felt more like the town centre. Lots of cafes and restaurants,  residential areas. In my opinion it is  more beautiful when viewed from Sliema in its entirey. Pictured below VALLETA - VIEW FROM SLIEMA 2


Top above: View of Valletta fromSliema, Middle: Valletta , Below: the view of Sliema from Valletta

VALLETA VIEW __________________________________________________________________________________ Golden Bay – I thought i’ll end with my 2nd day which consisted of great morning of horse riding! , an afternoon on the beach sipping cocktails, then later on a whim headed to Bugibba, but thats another story for another time ……;) GOLDEN BAY


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