5 Things I Miss Most When Traveling!

I guess we all have those little things we miss from home when traveling,  and these are mine.


i bloddy love tea1.A CUPPA TEA– Good old English Breakfast Tea! Where ever I am it never tastes the same  as home . At home, every morning I  wake up, go to the loo then pop the kettle on! that first cuppa tea is always the best cuppa tea!



2.HOT WATER- Even if it was 1000 degrees outside, I will always want a hot shower. This unfortunately is not a luxury I can always afford when traveling on longer trips  and/or many time its simply not an option in many hostels. 😦

bath reading
3.READING IN THE BATH–  I would have a bath, as a posed to a shower, maybe 2/3 times a week at home.  It’s sometimes one of the highlights of my week ( sad I know,  but hey! It makes me happy:) After months on the road , staying in accommodation with showers only 😦 trust me , the moment I get that bath, oh man… I am in heaven!
 keep-calm-and-love-your-family-and-friends-44. FRIENDS & FAMILY– I can’t say I miss them everyday but, there are times when having a conversation with someone who just knows you , cares for you and love s you, is much-needed.
5.MY FLAT – I think the phrase “There is no place like home!” says it best!

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