BUIZOS : From Dawn Till Sunrise.

Dawn till Sunrise is my favorite part of the day. Sadly I don’t oftern see it, but almost every time o do its nothign short of AMAZING!  Dawn is the time that marks the beginning of the twilight before sunrise. It is recognized by the presence of weak sunlight, while the Sun itself is still […]

My “I Could So Live Here” List: My Top 4

Every now again I travel to a place and by the time i leave im thinking  “I Could So Live Here”.  I almost always  enjoy and appreciate every place I visit but, there are only a few places in the world that would actually consider living in. 4. Bali – Legian & Ubub –  Bali is the […]

Easter Around The World

As of  Monday 14th April 14 , Easter kicked off  around the globe. Easter is a primarily a religious holiday however, its surprising how differently people acknowledge it around the world. Some people stick to religious celebrations and others have their own unique traditions.  I for one love this time of year and welcome the beginning of spring […]