From Travel Buddies to Life Long Friends

one of the many perks of  traveling is meeting new people. over the years i have met many people in  hostels, on long bus rides, in an airport and sometimes we join forces and travel together for a while. whatever the situation and how ever brief the encounter may be,  its a wonderful thing to connect, to share and to learn from one another. Some of us may never meet again but, now and again a travel buddy will transitions into a life long friend.

Here are a few Snapshots of my friends made through travel and our story.

Tanya – and I met in Thailand, a few years ago and the strangest thing is that we actually live on the same road in London. However, until Thailand we had never met or even seen each other before……

tan & me

We traveled from Bangkok to Singapore together and now exactly 2 years later we have become great friends and neighbours. Weekly cuppa tea’s and a catch up, over each other houses has now become the norm:) Most definitely a friend for life and we are currently planning our next adventure…


A personal fav- us asleep on the road!


Rachel – and i met a few years ago whilst traveling from Buenos Aires to Rio. We plus 15 others traveled together for 3 weeks but, we didn’t really hang out much until the last days. When we arrived at Rio Rachel had to head Zanzibar whilst I was enjoying Brazil so much stayed there for a further months before returning home. It wasn’t untill i got home that Rachel and i began talking again, Via Facebook. She was planning on heading back to South America for 3 months and asked me to join her……..

Rae &  I

…...unfortunately i couldn’t as i had not long returned from Rio Carnival and had no money left 😦 – We stayed in touch whilst she was traveling and  last september Rachel moved to London.For the past 6 months our friendship has grown and to be honest It feel like she has been here for years! we have had many mini adventures here in London and im sure we will have many more.


Kate – and I met in Bali a few years ago. Since Bali,  we have met up again in Rio for the carnival,  then again last Summer here in london! Kate is an awesome chic that lives in a land  far far away – Australia 😦  in order to bridge the distance we have become  old school, pen and paper,  pen pals! – There is something very special, and so much more personal shared in letters as a posed  to electronic communication. I reccomend trying it!

Kate & I


Jess – and I met about 2 hours before I met Tanya, on our epic adventure from Bangkok to Singapore – Jess was my roomie for the duration of this dventure, and she is possibley the most unique, kindest, funniest and accident prone girl I have ever met!  – Since Thailand we met up again in Bali! and once in London. Jess should be coming down to London this summer, which should be EPIC! Anytime with jess is a good time! and, no matter what happens I will always  remember this Gloucestershire Las for the rest of my days!

jess & I

Sietze! – and I met at Rio Carnival last year and hit it off from the word go.  I could not have asked for a better party and travel buddy.  We hit the carnival every day partied every night and even managed to form a bond betwen hangovers. We are now what i like to call modern-day pen pals (via Facebook)  we are yet to met again but most definatly plan too in the near future!

shitza and I



 “Meeting another human is always a sacred event.”- Bryant McGill 




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