My Travel Bucket List: 101 Must see’s and do’s before I die

In no particular order,  below i have listed the

101 things I will do before I die. 


  1. Watch a Japanese game show live

  2. Go caving

  3. caving_bannerVolunteer in an Elephant sanctuary in Africa & Asia

  4. Songkran Festival Thailand 

  5. Go on a Camel Trek

  6. Work in Antarctica

  7. Learn how to ride a Horse

  8. Horse trek across the Andes

  9. Spend a month in Bali

  10. Learn how to play the Piano

  11. Cycle across a country

  12. Rio Carnival

  13. Go to Oktoberfest

  14. Fly in 1st class

  15. Go to the Pipemasters in Hawaii

  16. 2012-Billabong-Pipe-Masters-In-Memory-Of-Andy-Irons PipeMastersGamble in Vegas

  17. Attach a love lock ( with Fernando)

  18. Ride on a dog sled

  19.  See Barcelona FC play live

  20. Go to the Olympics 

  21. Volunteer after a natural disaster

  22. Volunteer as an English teacher

  23. See Victoria Falls

  24. Visit Polar Bears in Churchill,Manitoba

  25. 7102_fit588x588 See Penguins in Antarctica

  26. Hiking Hawaii’s Na Pali Coast

  27. Study a martial art.

  28. Design and build my own house in ?

  29. Travel on a cargo ship

  30. Hike on a glacier

  31. hike glacierRide in a helicopter

  32. Learn how to use chopsticks ( properly)

  33. Go Alaska – whale & Bear watching

  34. Climb to the top of a volcano and look in

  35. Learn how to snowboard

  36. Live in New York City for a summer

  37. Go to a major music festival

  38. Live in Buenos Aires for a month

  39. Learn how to surf

  40. Sing karaoke solo 

  41. Watch Thai kickboxing live

  42. Study portuguese  in Portugal or Brazil

  43. Watch sumo wrestling live

  44. Sumo-wrestling-007Island hop in the Philippines

  45. Hike along the Great Wall

  46. See the Northern Lights

  47. Visit Siberia in winter

  48. Read the bible

  49. See an iceberg

  50. Hike through some rice terraces 

  51. Go on a safari in the Serengeti National Park

  52. serengetiBackpack across Africa

  53. Take the Trans-Siberian train

  54. Go to a Baseball Match

  55. Volunteer with Couchsurfing

  56. Get stranded in an unknown place

  57. Go on a multi-day hike

  58. Drive a camper van across Across Australia

  59. Learn how to meditate

  60. meditateBecome a confident poker player

  61. Visit somewhere not on any maps

  62. Volunteer with a homeless charity

  63. Take a Thai cooking course

  64. Spend a month as a vegetarian

  65. Open a Hostel

  66. Sail along the Amazon

  67. Go to a film festival

  68. See flowing lava

  69. Ride an ostrich

  70. Jump out of a plane

  71. cruise the Nile

  72. Learn Mandarin

  73. lcan Snorkel with tortoise

  74. see the Wildlife in Galápagos Islands

  75. visit Vatican City

  76. Backpack Solo

  77. Eat A Maine Lobster in Maine

  78. Visit Prince Edward island – a child hood dream Inspired by Anna Green Gables

  79. anne-of-green-gables pei from the usa and canada_largeMardigras New Orleans Or night out on Bourbon Street

  80. Take a Cruise

  81. USA West Coast: Travel overland from San Diego to Vancouver

  82. Hiking in the Lake District 

  83. See the Pyramids

  84. Explore the Middle East

  85. Go to a formula one race – somewhere in the world

  86. Petra, Jordan: Marvel at the ancient hard-carved site

  87. island hop in the South pacific

  88. Rent a Beach house and chill for a month in th Hampton, Hawaii or in the south pacific

  89. Climb the three peaks – Uk

  90. three peaks mapJerusalem: Visit the Holocaust museum at Yad Vashem

  91. Hike in Yosemite National Park, CA

  92. become a good Tango Dancer – In Buenos Aires

  93. USA South Coast – Drive from Austin Texas to Savannah.

  94. Drive across Ireland

  95. Visit all 7 Canary island ( 4 Down 3 to Go)

  96. Take Fernando on a trip around the World!

  97. Fully cross the Golden Gate Bridge ( only been half way Tut tut)

  98. Foggy_Golden_GateTake a 5* Luxury holiday

  99. see all 7 wonders of the world – ( 1 down 6 to go)

  100. see all 7 natural wonders of the world ( 1 down 6 to go)

  101. Las Fallas, Valencia


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