Easter Around The World

As of  Monday 14th April 14 , Easter kicked off  around the globe. Easter is a primarily a religious holiday however, its surprising how differently people acknowledge it around the world. Some people stick to religious celebrations and others have their own unique traditions.  I for one love this time of year and welcome the beginning of spring with open arms. 

Here are a few ways others will be celebrating this week 

Spain: Semana Santa ( Holy Week) 

All over Spain , Semana santa ( Holy week ) is celebrated. Sevilla is the place where it is most extravagantly celebrated. This years events kicks off on April 14th and end on April 21st.


It is said that Semana Santa celebrations were established in the 16th Century by the Church. The Church wanted to share the story of the Passion of the christ with non church goers, in a way they would understand. It was decided the best way to do this was through a series of processions depicting scenes from the story of the fall and rise again of Jesus Christ. These procession still happen today.

Guatemala: Holy Week

Guatemala is world-famous for its festivities over the holy week period. The celebrations draw thousands of locals together with international visitors to watch the costumed processions, reenactments of the crucifixion, and other ceremonies.


Antigua is where most of the action is goes down!  The most impressive part of Antigua’s Semana Santa are the beautiful “alfombras” which is spanish for Carpets. The sands or sawdust is used to level the cobblestones, and is dyed different colors and interwoven with bright flowers, other plants, and pine needles. The result is designs so intricate, it seems tragic when the processions pass over and trample them!

guate 1ModernaycolonialAlfombraSemanaSanta3

Bermuda – Good Friday

In Bermuda, Easter is celebrated by flying kites on Good Friday. A Bermuda kite is  made using traditional, geometric designs, quite colorful, and is an art form as much as a recreational tool. They are traditionally flown in Bermuda only at Easter.

images (1) download

USA: Easter Egg Hunts – Easter Sunday

I love the brightly coloured and decorated easter egg hunts.

 images (3) images (2)

France: Haux The massive omelet celebration.

In Haux  for the past 30+ years Easter is celebrated by the cooking and eating of a gigantic omelet, Big enough to feed the entire town. I know, strange but true 🙂 This Massive omelet and challenge is taken on by a number of chefs. definitely an Easter trip i plan to make one year soon.


London: At My House 🙂  

In my family we have different faith and belief systems so, on Easter Sunday, those who want to go to church do and then what we do for the rest of the day depends on which family member is hosting Easter. This year we will be celebrating Easter at my house( yay!).

images (4)Fernando and I will be cooking up a storm, consisting of a selection of  5-8 tapas dishes, two mains, two sides and a desert. These dishes will be served whilst we watch either Ben Hur or the Ten Commandments –  Watching one or both of these movies is something myself and my younger twin brother and sister have done ( for some strange reason) since i was maybe 10 years old – weird i know but we do it every year:) i guess this just goes to show how easily a tradition can be born.!


Poland: Śmigus-Dyngus -Wet Monday

Wet Monday is a polish tradition, where  the young and not so young run around the streets with water guns and buckets, and absolutely drench each other:) Sounds super fun!. The water is symbolic of a cleansing and rebirth as the season transitions to spring. This particular tradition is celebrated on Easter Monday.

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