Hostels – My top 5!

I have stayed in many different types of accommodation and over the past few years Hostels have been my home away from home and accommodation of choice. Especially when I’m traveling solo. Hostels are not only affordable places to stay but, have been a place where I have made life long friends, had super great times and racked up a lot of  memories.

I have never really been a  fan of the party hostel scene. I much prefer a hostel with a great social scene and an environment in which I can  kick back, relax and feel at home.

When choosing  a hostel I look for 5 key things:  location, a variety of common areas , Free breakfast and the most important thing of all FREE WIFI!


Here are my top 5 hostel – each great for a different reason.

1. Island Hostel –Bali 

island hotel montage 2

Possible my favourite hostel in the world. This hostel is a modern oasis in a great location. Overall  the hostel is very modern and clean with a nice chilled yet social vibe.  Dorms are super spacious and bed are comfy. The private rooms are wicked! They have flat screens,  DVD players, English satellite  and a modern private bathroom.  Trust me after weeks on the road, these comforts were much appreciated!:) however, it’s the lush gardens and the option of both social and more secluded common areas,  is what sealed the deal for me. These comkon areas give you the choice to socialise or chillax alone!

2. Bosa, Santa Teresa –Rio 


Bosa has the best free hostel breakfast hands down!!  The staff are great, the dorms are clean and modern. The private rooms are 3/4*hotel standard and i have returned time and time again to stay here. This not the most social hostel and it is a bit of a mission walking up and down the hill, but if you have burnt out and need some time to yourself , craving comfort , or with your partner, then this is the place!

3. YHA Ambleside, Lake district, UK

Ambleside montage

This hostel facilities and location are what won me ove with this one.  The hostel sits right on the lake, so we spent most evenings outside, lake side playing cards,  drinking and watching the sun set over  the lake! beautiful!  for hiking the location is also ideal! tons of trails right on your door step!. and the main town Ambleside is just a short walk away. The hostel it self quite big and has a chilled vibe.there are tons of common areas including 2 massive kitchens,  2 dinning rooms and there is also bar/restaurant that does great hot wing:)

4. Manga Hostel – Lapa, Rio


Slap bang in the middle of lapa ( Rio’sparty centre)  I stayed here during Rio carnival 2013 and I defo made the right choice!  The dorms are not at all spacious and have tons of beds. The bed however are quite big and are very comfortable. The common areas are not massive either but great for socializing. I think this is the hostel where I had the most fun and made the most  travel buddies, some of which have turned onto real friends!

5. La terraza- Antigua, Guatemala- Best value for money & Homely.


This was my first stop on my Central and South America trip.  I chose this place because it was so cheap for a private room  but i got much more than that. Within my first 30mins of arrving I meet two people  who have now become  friends for life!  the staff are really warm , welcoming and created a family like atmosphere. and the roof top bar is brilliant and the place to be every night! This hostel also provides a lot of trips and events. all in all  it’s the type of place I could stay in for weeks . I will be back! 🙂


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