Project Relocation Recon: Cardiff

It is easy to forget that there is life outside of London, which is why I try to make a habit of  escaping London every now and again, even if just for a little while:) This weekend Fernando and I will be escaping to the Capitol of Wales – Cardiff, on a 2 day mini break!

Project Relocation Recon: Cardiff

This upcoming much-needed mini break  is also part of me and Fernando’s, Relocation Recon Project – Let me explain, in a nut shell we plan to leave the UK  for good, in 5 years time but, before doing so we would like to relocate to another UK City /Town for a few years. This relocation would ideally happen upon return from our 14 month trip around the world ( The Big One) . We use these mini breaks to get a taste of what other UK cities are like in hope that one will stick or at least spark our interest.

So far we have been to: Oxford, Bath, Ramsgate, Bournemouth, Brighton, Birmingham, & Huntington,

results : We are still on the hunt. All the above have their good points and were enjoyable places to visit, however they are not  places we could see ourselves living in 😦 ….The up side is that we have an excuse to keep taking mini breaks ……Roll on Sunday!


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