Cardiff: An overview

our whistle-stop tour of Cardiff was restful and very enjoyable, even if we did spend the better part of day 1 arguing. We left Cardiff wanting to stay longer and are already making plans to return later on  in the year, if not next spring for 7-10 days. We are also very keen to see and do more around Wales in general.

Project Relocation Recon – summary 

 Cardiff from what we gathered is a busy, family orientated, and  outdoors city. Bike riding is defiantly a favorite pastime, together with rugby.Shopping, and dining/socializing out a close joint second 🙂

We actually really liked begin there, the casual yet modern and upbeat vibe is more our speed than that of london. The city itself is quite small but there is enough to explore and do that is of interest to us around the city and throughout the rest of Wales i.e Hiking, beaches, mountain climbing, biking; all of which are so easily assessable from this city. Plus London is only 3 hour coach ride away, so we will won’t be to far from family and friends.

In light of this Cardiff is ranking No.1 in the  Project relocation recon table, with 2.5 smiley faces. Of course more research and further visits are to be done but this city has most defiantly has sparked an interest.

What we like most about the Cardiff

  1. – It’s not big and very easy to navigate, by bike, on foot or public transport.
  2. – Its cheap / cheaper than london i.e Cinema london £11.50 -Cardiff £7.60. – (we took full advantage and saw Spider man;)
  3. – More nature less buildings. – this is an outdoor & active city. with bike & walking  paths from the city and beyound… -Taff Trail 55miles from cardif to Brecon Beacons- is now on my list 🙂
  4. Family orientated. Lots of family spending time together.
  5. – Not too much hustle and bustle.

What we didn’t like about the Cardiff

We didn’t really dislike anything.  Maybe because we on ly there a short time.

The only thing that was disappointing and surprising was unlike London,  Cardiff was not as very multicultural. there are of course white people and also a community of asian and islamic people. but not many black people  or other international races there 😦 . From what we saw, all in all Cardiff wasn’t very integrated. most people seem to socialise within their ethic groups. After living in London thats a strange site to see, but hey I was only there for 2 days so until I go again and for longer I wont be able to confirm this as 100% accurate. it’s merely an observation at this point.

However, as a black women and Fernando being a spanish man, we would have to investigate this further, especially if I was to plan on moving there and even more so if we was plan to start a family there.

over all Cardiff gets a thumbs up from us and I’m very much looking forward to going back soon:)


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