Sometimes I wish I Was Somewhere Esle…..

Do you Sometimes wake up and just wish you were somewhere else?

Well I do, not every day but most days. The mundane routine that is my life between adventures is at times very rewarding and even comforting. Other times it’s actually somewhat dull and depressing:(

This Morning when I hit the snooze button I did so without opening my eyes and instead fell into the wonderful world of make-believe.  I imagined I opened my eyes, got up, stood by the window and saw this view a head of me ….

view two view from the window

……then I thought about how I would spend my day, maybe a  morning hike followed by a swim….

P1000453 P1000468


Then after a long lunch down by the beach I’ll sit in a hammock and read, whilst watching the sun go down.


Then after my adventures day I would fall asleep here ahhhh Bliss – and then …..




……Beep Beep Beep!!!!! my alarm went off again – back to reality!

It’s good to dream but even better  to live the dream.

All above pictures are from past journeys I have taken to Bali, Nicaragua, and Malaysia  – I seek great comfort in being able to relive these memories and even greater comfort in knowing that I will go on to create even 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I wish I Was Somewhere Esle…..

  1. i often find myself wandering down memory lane when I first wake up on a morning. Or planning what I can share on the blog 🙂 It’s much the same thing.

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