My Long Haul Bus Travel Tips & Essentials

To date my longest coach journey is 32 hours from Rio to Salvador and I did it solo. At  first it was very daunting but I actually really enjoyed it. I made a few bus buddies, which was great because it ment I had people to converse with and to eat with at the many pit stops.

Having traveled on many long and short coach rides all over the world , over time I  have complied a list of essentials/ tips that I use every time!

Long Haul Coach Tips and Essentials List 

When traveling by coach there are a few I will not leave home without!

1. provisions –  Stock up before you set out. of course you can top up along the way  however, the rest stop are usually more expensive than your local super market and you also don’t know what they will or will not have.

What I pack – I usually pack a variety of snacks, sandwiches , fruit and drink –  if it is an over night bus ride I always bring breakfast too.


What I Pack  – At  least 10 movies & 20 episodes of a Tv series  variety is key, emotions and mood change along the way and that influences what i feel like watching.

– A good book or 5 ( having a tablet makes it so much easier)

– I would also bring word games and brain training exercises.

***Remember to bring your charger (s)  some coaches have sockets and if they don’t you can re-charge at the rest stops.

3. Mini projects / using your time wisely 

– I would usually use this time to upload, sort and edit my photos.  This gives me time to also reflect upon and remember the  adventure(s) I just had.

– I like to write in my  travel journal at this time . Usually about my adventures and lesson learned 🙂

– I would also (now ) blog.

– If the coach has wi-fi, I would also use this time to email home, catch up with friends on Facebook etc.

4. Blackett, Socks & Hoodie – Most Coaches are super cold ( air con)  To avoid freezing to death make sure you have a hoodie/jumper & blanket with you. Socks are great too as you will want to take of your shoes to fully relax!

5. Money & Travel Docs – I like to wear combat trousers or shorts when I travel . The many pockets allow me to keep my  notes, loose change and travel docs separate and on my person at all times.

I Also only carry on me enough money on me for food and drink that I will need along the way Why? because this way you wont be flashing all your cash and avoid you getting robbed.

7 . Change of clothes  & hygiene products – If I’m on an over night bus that is over 15 hours I like to have change of top – wet wipes and tooth-brush.This way I can freshen up at the first rest stop of the second day. Some pit stops even have showers:)

8.  Travel Light all the above should fit into a simple day pack ( rucksack) – remember you only have a small space to call your home for the duration of your trip so the smaller the carry on the more room you have:)

Happy Travels:)





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