Ihla Grande,Brazil – Natures Gift

Brazil: Simply remenising Post 2 of 10 Ihle Grande– Leaving Paraty, this Paradise island located off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state, was the next stop on my trip. The island is largely undeveloped and is known for its scenic beauty, and tropical beaches. Extract from travel journal. november 13th 2012 Ihla Grande, WOW, what an incredible […]

Paraty, Brazil: The highlights

Brazil: Simply remenising Post 1 of 10 Paraty, Brazil – is a Well preserved coastal town located  in Rio de Janeiro state of brazil. This was my second stop in brazil after Iguazu. The cobblestone streets are closed to motor vehicles, making it a more enjoyable  town to stroll around and admire the beautifully preserved classic […]

Stockholm: Traveling with a good friend, catching up with an old travel friend, and making new ones.

On my recent trip to Stockholm, I realised how much I miss and enjoy staying in hostels. Sharing a dorm room with strangers, exchanigning tips and  stories with fellow travelers, transistoining from strangers to “new friends”…. It was wonderful to be in that enviroment again!  But, what made this trip extra special/interesting was the fact […]

Stockholm: The Highlights

Stockholm, what a lovely city!  It is easy to navigate, fun to explore, and with only a million habitants it was busy but without the hustle and bustle! just the way I like it 🙂 This very multi cultural and diverse city was the perfect location for this special reunion travel trip. Tanya and I had a fabulous […]