The joys of packing :( :(

Packing is something I enjoy for like the first 5 minutes, after that it becomes extremely frustrating, relentless and boring!!!

Actually, when I am going to somewhere hot packing is a treat! and I can be done quickly. But, when traveling in Europe, in spring ahhhhh Packing is a nightmare! Why? because you have to pack for warm weather ūüôā but you also for rain:( possible/ likely cold weather ūüė¶ : ( boooo and sometimes you just might get a super hot day so you want to pack something for¬†that too…….

I like to travel light! and unless im going away for a  1 month plus I will only pack a carry on ( 10kilos Р50 x40x20)


Selecting & deciding what to pack for Stockholm, whilst at the same time packing light  is proving to be tricky. Sewden, much like England the weather is un predictable! making packing a frustration task!

Last week it was 20 degrees almost every day over there , when I look at the weather for next week it says basically 14-26 degrees and a little rain.  Now 14-26 degrees is a massive difference. for 14 degrees I need a lot of winter stuff for 26 degrees shorts and t-shirt will do.

after hours of trying on outfits, selecting items that can be multi-use ( day and evening wear) I have finally packed my bloody bag! and it all seems to fit!




Inside My Bag(s)I  have Packed the following:



I Cardigan/ Jumper ( can work as both)

1 light long sleeve t-shirt ( can go under my t-shirts if cold or worn on its own)

2 skinny  jeans ( + wearing 1 pair to Sweden)

5 t-shirt /tops 2 of which can be evening or day wear)

2 going out tops

1 vests ( thermal)  just incase

1 Leggings  Рalways useful  in case the dorm is cold, can be worn under jeans if a cold day, or  if we do an active activity  that are perfect)

pajamas – Shorts & t-shirt



Converse (  wearing pair to Sweden)

1 sandal

1 flip-flop – (for hostel showers, never leave home without them:)

2 closed ballerina pump ( ultra  lightweight shoes and tiny)


Jacket (s)

1 Spring jacket ( wear to the Sweden)

1 fitted light blazer. ( nice for evening wear and also good for those warm days.  Plus this is europe smart casual is the usual look) 1

1 a thick cardigan ( wearing to Sweden) – can be worn alone , or can go under either of my jackets as an extra layer.

1 Travel Towel.

Toiletries – Shower gel, body cream, deodorant, make up, …the usual

Samsung Tablet, Mobile phone & ¬†small MP3/MP4 ¬†player, And ,my camera , a charger – oh yes and my hair straighteners ūüôā







2 thoughts on “The joys of packing :( :(

  1. I rarely pack winter stuff for cold temperatures, with the exception of jeans and boots. I just layer up if it gets colder. I also have a 3/4 sleeve scoop neck silk long underwear top that adds quite a bit of warmth. I bring leggings to wear with dresses but also may be worn under pants if it gets really cold. I have a packable waterproof jacket and wear a sweater (or more) underneath if it gets cold. Everything else is summer weight.

    • I to pack layers however, to many layers and i begin to feel like the michelin man n:) so I tend to pack/ buy good thermal Leggins and T-shirts so i just need the one layer!…..As it happens it was actually really warm In Stockholm so didnt need for the thermasl after all:)

      thanks for reading

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