We have arrived at the airport checked in and  about to board the  plane ….I am a lil tiered due to t he early  2 am  start to this fun, yet long day:)  –

I hate flying this time! but its cheap, and I will get a few hours sleep on the plane so it’s all good! 🙂 –  Tanya is much better at handling this dodgy hour of travel and she is a nurse, wand therefore does long hours, some times at night than other times at the day! so she is as peppy as always lol!!!

We refuse to waste the first day so we plan to check  and head out direct!

So who knows what we will be doing and where we will be doin it in say 5 hours time ???? I sure don’t but, im very very excited to find out 🙂 i’ll be sure to keep you  all updated!! till then SEE YA!!!


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