Stockholm: The Highlights

Stockholm, what a lovely city!  It is easy to navigate, fun to explore, and with only a million habitants it was busy but without the hustle and bustle! just the way I like it 🙂

This very multi cultural and diverse city was the perfect location for this special reunion travel trip. Tanya and I had a fabulous time together,  we saw a lot, did a lot, ate a lot and laughed more than I have in a long time:)  thought I will not be running back to Stockholm in a hurry I did enjoy my time there and I am very happy that I have been.


The highlights

– Foods, Sights, pub crawl, excursions and accommodation – catching up with an old travel friend and spending time with a good friend ( Tanya)

Best of the Sights – Of all the sights & attractions we visited i enjoyed Skasen outdoor museum & walking through Gamla Stan the (old town) the most.

Gamla Stglama Stanan (The Old Town)

This picturesque town dates back to the 13th century, and consists of medieval alleyways, cobbled streets, and archaic architecture.  We took a wander through this part of town every day. I would love to see it in Winter covered in snow.

glama stan 3



The main sights on this tiny island are the Royal palace and the Houses of Parliament.

below The royal Palace 

P1070474 P1070431

 above Parliament and the entrance to Gamla stan

Skasen  Museum– A great day out for everyone both young and old!

Skansen is a massive  open-air museum and zoo located on the island Djurgården in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in 1891 by Artur Hazelius to show the way of life in the different parts of Sweden before the industrial era.

skansen 2 skasen 1

above: The old Village Below: the Zoo  – was great to see animals i have never seen before such as Elk, Bison and owls)

skansen animals


BEST OF THE FOOD – Stockholm has such a wide variety of food to choose from, however the most hardest type of food to find is traditional swedish food! 😦  from what we did try these are hands down our favorites

The Ice Cream – This lovely little shop is located in Glama Stan on the main avenue! if you go to Stockholm you must go here!

ice cream 2

We visited this ice cream  shop EVERY SINGLE DAY!  some of the best ice cream and home-made  cones have ever tasted!!


 The chorizo hot chorizo hot dogsdogs – I kept seeing these hot dogs stands dotted all over the city, and the second to last day decided to indulge. Man had I known these would be finger licking good I would have eaten at the very least one a day!  You can get these from one of the hundreds of hotdog street food vendors dotted around the city. They cost 35SEK each.

vacum cleaners

Swedish Dammsugare – vacuum cleaner cake!

The Swedes regard this as one of their most loved coffee cakes. I too have fallen in love with these cakes and brough some home!


MEAT BALLS!!!! -My last meP1070756al was some great Meat balls, brought in a vintage fair from a street food vendor .




Bike Tour ( organised by the hostel)

This very informative bike tour around the city was a fab! it is four hours long in which time  you manage to see a lot of the city and learn about the history and present day in Stockholm -Tour cost 120SEK and was worth every penny!

bike tour

The pub crawl ( organised by the hostel)

This was not  t the best pub crawl I have been, not by  long shot! but Tanya and I had a great night! and was defo a highlight of our time away!

pub crawl


The accommodation –Last but  by no me means least the hostel itself was a highlight! Stockholm City backpackers in vassa! good pick!

I highly recommend this hostel if you are staying in Stockholm. It was so nice being back in the hostel environment!  I didn’t realise how much I have missed it! the dorms , meeting people sharing stories and creating new memories together ….there is nothing quite like it! 🙂

hostel 1 P1070721 P1070731

This hostel is pretty great, there are many communal areas both inside and outside, the mattresses are sooo comfy! The staffs are very helpful and  friendly and the hostel offers free pasta!!!!! which is brilliant considering how expensive food is in this city!

Safe travels 🙂


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