Visiting Stockholm on a budget.

Stockholm and budget are two words that don’t really go together 😦

Stockholm most defiantly is not a cheap place to visit but, it also isn’t as expensive as people make out. To be honest it’s not that much more expensive than London. Food and drink (alcohol )are more expensive than London however, entrance prices to attractions and cigarettes are actually cheaper!

So, basically if you are going there for mad nights out  drinking then maybe this isn’t the place for you! unless you have very VERY! deep pockets! I mean it can cost up to £9 a pint!!!!!! I know insane!

On average I spent:

£40 per day – Food, drink , attractions & tours.

£25 a day on accommodation

£28 on my return coach fare from the airport.

Total – £273 – For  day 3 nights 4 days trip.

I could have spent much less had i cooked all my meals and did a few of the free tours!

Though its hard to visit Stockholm on the cheap, there are few things you can do that will help you spend less and see more: 



instead of taking transport walk everywhere! Stockholm is not very big and it can be easily done on foot. Tanya an I did not take one bus, train, tram, or tube! we walked everywhere and saved tons of money and of course got to see soooo much of the beautiful city!


Drink before you go out as it is not cheap! there are a few bars that are decently priced we went to lion bar – The drinks go up in price as the night goes on…

In Stockholm you can only buy weaker Beers & ciders  in a normal super marketwith a max  alcohol content of  3.5% vo ( mostly 2.5%) – In Sweden all wine, strong beer, alcohol and liquors can only be purchased at state-run liquor stores called Systembolaget.


you can save money by cooking your meals . So be sure to pick a hostel that has a kitchen! We made breakfast each day saving us at £6.50 a day! which was the price of breakfast in the hostel cafe!

Breakfast seemed like the most cost-effective meal to cook as food in general  is still very expensive in the super market £2.40 for a loaf of bread! we ate large late  lunches out  and a made small snack in the evening.  The hostel provided free pasta which was a nice touch!

Wee could have saved more and made a packed lunch eat day! but the food in Stockholm is sooo nice and there is a wide variety of food to choose from . It would have been a sin not to try it!

4. Tap water Refill your water bottle 

like in England you can drink the tap water in Sweden , so take advantage and re fill your water bottle !!!!

5. Free walking tours –

There are 3 free walking tours that you can take in Stockholm. We didn’t manage to take any of the but many of my fellow traveller did them and recommended them! there are a few daily and each tour covers different part of the city!


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