Stockholm: Traveling with a good friend, catching up with an old travel friend, and making new ones.

On my recent trip to Stockholm, I realised how much I miss and enjoy staying in hostels. Sharing a dorm room with strangers, exchanigning tips and  stories with fellow travelers, transistoining from strangers to “new friends”…. It was wonderful to be in that enviroment again!  But, what made this trip extra special/interesting was the fact that i was back in this enviroment with an ex travel buddy now great close friend, Tanya. It made me see it all from another persective, and maybe value the exspericence even more knowing that you can create great memeories and form real friendships that can last a life time.

Below: Tanya and I in StockholmfriendsWe have come a long way since we first met  2 years ago in Thailand, not knowingnot knowing that we actually live on the same road in London. We had  never met or seen each other untill Thailand. 2 years later and our friendship continues to grow!

Another fulfilling element of this trip was catching up with a once upon a time travel buddie, Joanna, who I met in Bali 2 years ago, who is from Stockholm. Spending time with both my (travel) friends brought back so many memories, whilst at the same time we were making new ones.

Below: Joanna & I reunite in Stickhom after 2 yearsP1070758

It was amazing to see Joanna in her natural setting and to see where life has taken us  in the past 2 years.  As Joanna and i spoke it was if we have known each other for years, sharing personal details about our lives, whilst also getting to know each other at the same. It’s Strangest feeling one that is hard describe.- Its like knowing someone without knowing them….like i said hard to discribe;)

Below: Meeting new People In Stockholmnew friends

I met some interesting and other not so interesting people during this trip. It made me wonder ….will i be meeting up  or bumping into some off these people in 2 years time somewhere out there in the big-small world, how many more people across the globe I am yet to meet ….I guess we just watch this space:)


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