Brazil: Simply Reminiscing

With the world cup underway I can’t stop thinking back to my time in South America, Brazil in particular.Thinking back now I had no real passion to ever visit Brazil. My tour that started in Buenos Aires ended in Rio,  so I thought, why not stay a week and make the most of it. Little did in know that I would fall head over heels  in love with the country and not leave till 3 months later 🙂


This past week many of us who meet in Brazil  whilst traveling have made contact, again this was inspired by the world cup! …..Ahhhh i miss it there and crave to go back! at least two times this week i have seriously thought to myself ,Right im packing a bag and heading there right now! This usually happens whilst sitting in my living room watching the footie and seeing all the people watching the match and enjoying themselves on Copacabana beach.

You may be thinking why does she have such fond memories of this place? what makes Brazil so special? if you have been there  then your know why , however if you havent then  I guess I would have to answer, everything!

The food, the climate, the people the culture the good bits the bad bits all make Brazil, Brazil! Its a place I truly love and can not wait to return to. There is so much more i want to see and do there and I plan to do it all in 2017, after I go back to South East Asia for a few months..

I have been going through the photos of my time in Brazil and thought over the coming 3092040154_45d41c78ffweeks I’ll post a few  Photo albums, travel guides, and stories/extracts from my travel journals about my adventures. This way I can  easily access  my memories anytime and more importantly share my memories  with you all!


These memories are some of the best days of my life …… far;)

 Brazil: upcoming Posts:

  • Paraty, Brazil – A  step back in time.
  • Ihla Grande, Brazil – Natures gift. 
  •  Rio: The Highlights
  •  Rio: My fav 5 neighbourhood’s & places to stay
  • Exploring Santa Teresa, Rio (2 parts)
  • SnapShots -pelourinho salvador
  • Morro De Sao Paulo – A Mini Guide & SnapShots
  • Morro De sao paulo :  Paradise Bound  (short story/extract from my Travel Journal)
  • Celebrating Christmas,  New years & Carnival in Rio.
  • My 2017  itinerary in Brazil! 

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