Paraty, Brazil: The highlights

Brazil: Simply remenising Post 1 of 10

Paraty, Brazil – is a Well preserved coastal town located  in Rio de Janeiro state of brazil. This was my second stop in brazil after Iguazu.


The cobblestone streets are closed to motor vehicles, making it a more enjoyable  town to stroll around and admire the beautifully preserved classic white buildings that are the core …of Paraty.

I was only in Paraty for a few days so i didn’t get a chance to and everything. One thing i did get to do was take a private boat ride! which was beautiful. There are may private beach that can be accessed from Paraty.

The nightlife of course was another thing i got to do. This was where i had my first Caipirinha which is the  national cocktail, made with Cachca (sugar cane hard liquor),Sugar & Lime. This fast became my signature drink for the rest of my time in Brazil.



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