Ihla Grande,Brazil – Natures Gift

Brazil: Simply remenising Post 2 of 10

Ihle Grande– Leaving Paraty, this Paradise island located off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state, was the next stop on my trip. The island is largely undeveloped and is known for its scenic beauty, and tropical beaches.


Chilling out in a quite spot above the trees! Bliss.

Extract from travel journal. november 13th 2012

Ihla Grande, WOW, what an incredible beautiful place. The densce lush green Jurassic park  like landscape is breath takeing and is begging to be explored! I feel that i am truly on an adventure.Brazil may have not been on my list of must go places but i think that list needs to be revisited!

There are no roads and therefore no cars on the island making this the perfect place for hiking! Ilha Grande has a whopping 150 km of hiking trails connecting the handful of coastal villages and many beaches, mountain peaks, waterfalls, and pristine forests.

Due too many late nights&  partying sadly I didn’t get to hike around the entire island, which can be done over 4-5days. The longest hike i did was from the main Village Vila Abrão to Lopez Mendez Beach – voted one of the top 10 most beautiful in the world.

 Trek to Lopez Mendez Beach

This  three-hour hike through the rainforest was more of a highlight than the beach itself for me. Along the way you get the chance take in the most incredible views, cross over numeros shipwrecked like beaches, each more beautiful that the one before. With every step sence of adventure grows and then suddenly the rainforest floor beneath your feet changes to sand,  the rainforest canopy begins to thin out,  and then just like that  miles and miles and miles of the whites sand opens out in front of you.

Lopez Mendez Beach

 The night Life on the Island is pretty great.There are different parties in different areas and hostels on different days. Then then the parties tens to move to the beach where a bonfire is lit and we party till the sun comes up. At the end of the week locals and tourist tend to gather on the main road where there are  food trucks, music playing.

 Great memories , Good times , Great people!


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