Rio: The Highlights

Brazil: Simply reminiscing Post  3 of 10 

Rio – was my third and supposedly final stop of my Central & South America adventure. A friend of mine who had been in Rio for the past 6 weeks, had come down to meet me in Paraty and we traveled back up to Rio together. The entire journey up to Rio he kept telling me how amazing the city is and how he wanted to show me so many things …I was defiantly intrigued but still not convinced that it wasnt all just hype!


Upon arrival i just knew any plans i had to go home were about immediately change and within my first 48hours I had fallen in love with the city. Wasting no time i changed my flight, rang home and let my bestie know that I won’t be home for her B-day and to also let my family know that I wont be home for Xmas. :(…and off i went in Rio!

Events, activities, sports , partying, and tons social & culture events are just a few of the many things  I love about Rio. Every day of the week there is something you could be attending or getting involved with. the carioca ( Rio habitants)  know how to not only party but enjoy life, it’s not all about working yourself to death but trying to establish a work life, life balance.

During my time there i took full advantage of the vibrant social scene , and attended countless events, exhibitions and parties, such as Back 2 Black Music festival, the Red Bull B Boys World Final, and many Art & design exhibitoins. However, by far the best of all the events were Christmas,New Years & Carnival but that’s another post for another time :)….( coming soon)

Street parties areP1050793 very common in Rio, .and can be found  in different location around the city on any day off the week. – They usually consist of live music, dancing, socializing and catching up with friends or making new ones:) Of all the Street Parties I went to the most unusual yet exciting was that of Lapa. This weekly  friday night mega street party is a very unique nightlife experience to be had in Rio and most defiantly no to be missed!

Oh what a night! it’s kinda of impossible to describe  it other than to say Lapa, is the ultimate playground for adults. Live music inside the clubs as well as outside in the streets, People dancing , people singing, people catching up other  hooking up or like me people just taking it all in! WOW! you hae not been to a street party till you have been to Lapa.

From 9pm starting from the main square under the Arches, or about 1.5 miles in almost every direction all the streets and bars fill up with  people . The nightclubs, Bars, and street party all seem to blend into one  colossal Party!

  The main square is covered with stalls selling  food drinks and of course caipirinhas caipirinha-maracuja-carambola-01in a variety fresh fruit flavors. My fav is maracuya ( passion fruit).  though this is the ultimate playground for adults it is Of course a pick pockets paradise so if you go keep safe.

Beach Life – you can’t go to Rio and not go to the Beach. The Beach is as much as abeach life part of daily life as breathing!  The famous Copacabana is spoken of as if it’s the most popular beach in Rio, but I think  Copacabana  was the popular beach of the past and Ipanema is the popular & modern beach of todays Rio. Saying that i much prefer Leblon Beach, which is slightly further along and much less crowded.

posto 9

Ipanema Beach is a hub for Sports  & socializing. POSTO 9 was always our beach day meeting place, Posto 9 marks the more young and hip part of the beach and is also known as ” where the nice looking people sit”


Along the promenade  you will find men, women, families, and even old people either  jogging , skateboarding , or bike riding – on the beach itself you have the juice heads working out on the work out stations!  others are either surfing, playing volleyball, football, or my favorite Footvolly, a game similar volleyball but you can use all body parts except your hand!

 Random Rio If Rio is one thing it is totally random! One of the most random things i saw was the following:

I call this collection ( above) Just Chilling!  This collection of photos me and a few friends began to compile towards the end of  trip after months of spotting people sleeping in the most random places all over the city we decided to document it. .im am sure we have more but this is all i could find. I think only one or 2 of these people are actually homeless but they still find the most random places to get 40 winks. Some of these places are on very busy streets. I am not even sure how they manage to get sleep.


Below a few more Rio pics

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