Celebrating Carnival In Rio

 Brazil: simply reminiscing Post 9  of 10 The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a world-famous festival and considered the biggest carnival in the world. I attended the carnival in February 2013. This was the final stop on my brazilian adventure! The parade of course is a massive part of the Carnivals. One of the many main purposes of the […]

Celebrting Christmas & New Years In Rio!

Brazil: simply reminiscing Post 8  of 10 Christmas in  Rio – After my Salvador & Morro de Sao Paulo adventures I made my way  back to Rio to celebrate christmas and bring in the new year! This was the first time i would be celebrating xmas away from home, without my family so, I spent weeks […]

A mini guide to: Morro De Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil: simply reminiscing Post 7  of 10 This beach paradise was the 6th stop on my Journey. Morro de Sao Paulo is one of five villages on the Island Tinharé- This island is of located 60 km south of Salvador the Capital of Bahia. It is part of an archipelago of 26 islands, only three of […]

SnapShots of: Pelherino-Salvador, Brazil

 Brazil: simply reminiscing Post 5  of 10  Salvador – I took a weekend break to Buzio before heading to Salvador, therefore making this wonderful city my 5th stop on this brazilian adventure. As I only had 3 days  here in I  decided to stay in the Old Town/historic center known as Pelherino- I had been wanting to visit […]

Rio: my fav 4 neighbourhoods & Accommodation

Brazil: simply reminiscing Post 4 of 10  A guide to my prefered neighbourhoods & accommodation in Rio Favela Cartegalo  – Catete & Gloria – Lagoa-  – Santa Tereza I stayed in many diffrenent neighbourhoods during my  time in Rio, in hope of  gaining a  better understanding of how the city operates, and to experience the multiple ways […]