Morro de sao paulo: paradise bound, a short story

Brazil: simply reminiscing Post 6  of 10

Extract from my travel journal!

I have decided to stay a few more days in paradise. unfortunately Marco left today 😦 I’m actually sad to see him go, and I will truly miss his company. Hopefully we will meet up in a few weeks time for Xmas.  It’s strange that just over a week ago  I didn’t even know this guy,and now we have become quite good friends. I’m glad to see he had such a good time here after i  basically had to drag him here kicking and screaming!! At least I can laugh about it now 🙂 that was a fun morning!

 Paradise bound.

Beep Beep Beep, I hit snooze. There is no way i could possible be getting up i feel like a literally just went to bed! ………..5 mins later shit!!!  super panicked I jump up remembering that Marco and i have a boat to catch! I  look down and realise I’m already dressed ( good thinking B’)  i must have showered and got changed before i fell asleep this morn! at the same time I remember that i left Marco at the club last night, with a girl. I  just hope he is back already.

– I  look across the dorm, Marco is snoring his ass off .Good, he made it back – I shout-whisper over to him, “mate get up we are so going to be late” Marco doesn’t move. At this point we had only known each other a few days so  it felt awkward to shake him awake, but hey, desperate times!! I shake him a little and he jumps up. Dazed and confused he looks at me and says, in  a thick italian accent! ” oh its you, what? what do you want!?” I’m thinking cheeky little git!, what do i want how rude but hey time is of the essence no point getting into all that now. He proceeds to lay back down and close his eyes!! as he does so I remind him that “we are going to be late.  Come on, we have  about 45mins”  without opening his eyes Marco replies “noooo, go away,  im not going. why don’t you go with Julian. I  just got in, I’ll meet you there tomorrow! now leave me please” again i think to myself  how cheeky now, that’s strike 2! one more strike and i’ll have to take you out!! – I calmly proceed by saying “escuseeeee me, how can i make plans with Julian now? 45 mins is a little short notice  for him and short notice for you to be backing out mate! plus you made me promise, last night, make sure i set the alarm, and make I wake you no matter what. I told you this would happen,  and you said no, no matter what wake me up! so, stop whining and ge…”  he stops me mid sentence holding his hands near his ears and says “SHHHHH my god women!” now im thinking  oh snap that’s strike 3! …

But, before  i say anything Marco gets up and starts shoving his stuff into his backpack, not without having a little rant of course  “i had such a shit night!!!! i knew i should leave with you guys, instead i stayed with that girl who didn’t want to do more than kiss all night.-kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss- thats all, like teenager!” being Italian there were a lot of hand gestures! “I am a grown man, i dont want make kiss all night. Had i known , I would have left with you guys trust me.”  Poor Marco strikes out, again. I feel sorry for him but can’t help but tease him, “I’m super sorry all didn’t go as planned but hey, you live to shag another day right.” Marco, looks up at me as if to say please shut up! making me hesitate before i went on to say “so, you are coming right? if so we have like 30/40mins  before the boat leaves?.”   standing up and now putting on his backpack  he replies ” look im only coming because my mother said to never leave your friends behind or alone, ok, but i’m pissed off!, big time with you , the girl , everything so don’t speak to me for the whole way there. ” (More hand gestures) to which i reply  “fineeeeee moany, jesus your such a drama queen” inside im smiling he does make me truly laugh ..he soooooo dramatic!!!

Backpacks on and we are ready to go! when dum dum dummmmm Julian, an american fellow traveller that we, well more i, had befriended a few days earlier, also Marcos least favorite person on the planet,  pops out of nowhere. Backpack on and full of beans he says ” kool so you guys ready to go.” Marco looks at me, I look at julian then Marco say “go where” (AWKWARD!!) I’m now getting flash backs of me inviting Julian, out of politeness, in the cab home this very morning. I feel Marcos eyes burning through my soul right now and confess” ohhh yeah i totally forgot, i invited Julian to tag along. the more the merrier right Marco?” Julian totally oblivious as to how Marco truly feels about him, actually oblivious to most things really, is just standing there all smiles. Marco looks at me as if to say, garshhh!! are you f-ing serious right now! but instead he looks at both of us and says  “please no one speak to me until we get there ok,” and makes a B-line for the door.

We all check out and head across the square towards the elevator, that will take us down to the port . However,  before we go into the elevator Marco has an announcement to make. ” look Julian if you want to travel with us you have to not be stingy, like you was last night!. ( hand gestures) We travel together, look out for each other, like family ok. You can not always borrow money from Bianca and let me pay for stuff ” I feel so embarrassed, I mean who is that upfront! ever!!!            anyways we all agree to look out for each other , Julian promises not to be so tight! and we walk on towards to the barriers of the elevator. To get inside you must pay a 25cnt( -1p) charge, as we approach the pay point Julian, turns around faces me and Marco raises both hands and says ” don’t worry guys i got this one” I immediately burst out laughing,  im mean this guys has to be joking! right? , right? i look at julian and it’s actually hard to tell. I then look over to Marco and for a second i thought he was going to lose his shit, but instead he smirked then whispered to me “i fucking hate this guy!”  with more hand gestures of course.

We get to the port and  of course Julian,  having been sooo generous paying for the elevator now feels he can ask me to borrow him more cash because he doesn’t want to pay the Atm withdrawal charges……I buy the tickets and before you now it we are on the boat watching the footie,  paradise bound!                                                                                                                                           I honoured my agreement and didnt speak to Marco the entire journey there, instead i got some sleep and wrote in my journal about the events so of the day so far!

Extract from my travel journal

On the boat Morro De Sao Paulo bound. Marco is content watching the footie,  Julian is off somewhere probably annoying someone and im just trying not to get sea sick! bloody hell! never a dull moment with these two. They do crack me up tho! Marc, after shouting and screaming about how little sleep he has he appears to be wide awake now, shouting and cheering at the tv screen ” my mother told me never to leave your friends behind” ahhh bless his cotton socks, not so macho after all hahahah! these next four days are gonna be fun for sure!! 🙂

After 4 days  fun-filled days in Paradise, Julian and I decide to stay a few days more, Marco however, has to leave but not before we celebrate his Birthday. We get all our hostel group together and head out to the beach party! We sing a happy birthday to Marco and drink ourselves silly!

During the party Marco takes me to one side and says “Bianca, I have become very fond of you, like a sister! thank you for this party, also thank you for making me come to this island, I had a really good time. I think i will miss you” I reply ” ohh drama queen I  have grown quite fond of you too and I KNOW I will miss you” I make him promise to meet up with me in Rio for christmas. He offers me a place to stay as he and his friends are renting an apartment there, and even though he had grown not dislike Julian so much he still made me promise not to invite him along 😉 .  we share a massive hug then just like that back to reality ” Bianca come be my wingman”  and we had off to persure a girl he been besotted by for the past 4 days, for his sake, and  as its his bday I hope he gets lucky! ………..he doesnt- hahahaha!!!



Marco & Me on his Birthday

Marco and I did meet up again in Rio, where  he and his mate Andrea joined me and my mates in celebrating Christmas and New years in we had a blast ….(see next post)

During this time I encourage Marco to  continue his travels beyond Brazil and as per his request I assist him to the hospital for his shots! ( drama queen) In return he helps me move hostels a few times and lends an ear and advice when I am going through a pretty shitty time. The Last time I heard from Marco he was still Out in the world and was working in Africa! good for him! im am glad his Adventure continues…..



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