Celebrting Christmas & New Years In Rio!

Brazil: simply reminiscing Post 8  of 10

Christmas in  Rio – After my Salvador & Morro de Sao Paulo adventures I made my way  back to Rio to celebrate christmas and bring in the new year!

This was the first time i would be celebrating xmas away from home, without my family so, I spent weeks before hand ensuring I would not be alone on the day. My search started by looking on coach surfer to find other travelers in the same predicament as me. This wasn’t hard and in no time at all  I found a lady who was inviting people over to her place. We were a small group to start but as the weeks went by more and more people started to join then the week before xmas we were contacted by another group who were throwing a Christmas house party and we decided to join forces!!!

December the 24th is the day that Xmas is celebrated in brazil, as opposed to the 25th in uk. So on the eve of the 24th Marco and his friend from home, Andrea, joined me and my mates and we headed to this party that had been weeks in the making! I wasnt sure what to expect but, as you can see by the pictures, it was a great turn out. We were at least a hundred people from all over the world. Each Person brought a drinks and a typical dish from their home country. The buffet was MASSIVE ! it was a great night where i met even more people who I am still in contact with today.


P1050573 December the 25th – This is what would typically be xmas day for me, but it was more like a public holiday. I woke up and felt not only hungover  from the night before but very  sad. I really missed my family, it just didn’t feel right.so after a long cry I met up with my travel family for christmas lunch, then we headed to Copacabana beach to see  STEVIE WONDER play in concert. FOR FREE!!!!!! this was the best Christmas gift ever!!!  so i guess you can say this was a bitter sweet xmas in the end.

December 26th – Boxing day back home Marco, Andrea and I decided to go play a visit to JC himself.

All in all this could never be the same as a christmas back home with the family but i made it through and really enjoyed myself! 🙂


New years in Rio – This must be one 0f the biggest new years celebrations in the world! IMG_3363Dressed in White over 2 million people flock to Copacabana beach where they dance, drink and celebrate together. People arrive at the beach as early as 4/5pm to pick out there spot, and put up gazebos, then around 8pm is when the official party begins. Live music shows from Brazilian samba to rock bands get the crowd in the mood, People are dancing and singing. then at mid night the sky fills with the most biggest and beautiful fireworks display!

In the week leading up to New Years i had made a nice group of friends in my new hostel and we all decided to all go together.


This was a beautifully surreal evening and a night that I will remember for the rest of my life. One of the girls, who usually gets really drunk took me to one side and said “Bianca i wont drink till after midnight, My family has sacrificed so much for me to be able to travel and i wont miss this moment” bless her cotton socks what a lovely sentiment…by half past midnight she was drunk as a skunk! hahah but we all were and we had a great time together!

The following video was played every time the live show went to commercial! by the third time it was played the entire crowd began to sing along and this continued to happen every single time. I love this video because it shows all the places in Rio, that i had seen and loved  during my time there . I still love this video to this day it reminds me of my entire time in Rio, and i fall in love with the city all over again.

When the party is over, many people tend to stay on the beach and wait until the sun has risen and the new year has officially begun. Many others actually sleep there, which i learnt is the best choice because it is virtually impossible to leave the area. You have to walk to the next town on foot than line up for a few hours before you can get on a tube:( so unless you are staying locally its best to just kick back and relax on the beach.

 Good times and great memories


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