Celebrating Carnival In Rio

 Brazil: simply reminiscing Post 9  of 10

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a world-famous festival and considered the biggest carnival in the world. I attended the carnival in February 2013. This was the final stop on my brazilian adventure!

imagesThe parade of course is a massive part of the Carnivals. One of the many main purposes of the Rio carnival parade is for samba schools to compete against each other.  Each school chooses a theme to try to portray with their entry. The samba schools work to build the best floats, costumes, lyrics, aesthetics, to represent their themes  and to include the best music.

Ciudad de samba

I was to busy partying and I didn’t attend the main parade however, I did watc it on Tv well partsof it it goes on all nigh! A few friends of mine were taking part in the parade itself  so I decided to a company them on few evenings in the ciudad de samba.The Ciudad de Samba is the hub of the Parade, this is where the samba school build their floats, and Practice their routines.

Pictures below: My mates on the day the we picked up their outfits!

BLOCOS!! – are daily street parties that happen all day, every day, all over the city, for 2 weeks leading up to the main parade day. I spent 8 days in Rio for the carnival and we attended more than one bloco a day. There can be more than 300 bandas taking place at any given point in time. While the biggest street party takes place right outside the Sambadrome, the largest organized street dance is typically found on Cinelândia Square in Rio’s Centro. It snot all drinking and getting drunk these blocos are actually quite social events, where most people are talking laughing and joking whilst other of course dance!

Words can no describe the atmosphere of Rio Carnival , of course there are many dangers.  but for the most part  its an amazing sight to see. The entire city is alive and taking part.

IMAG0085 IMAG0084



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