My London: Battersea Park.

Now summer has finally arrived, as usually,  us city folk head to the parks any chance we get! Battersea Park is is the park I head to. This is a nostalgic place for me and  my favorite park in all of London.


I grew up in this park, it’s where i played as a child, trained as an athlete, and where i spent countless Sundays with my family whilst my father trained his Boxers. Today it is still very much apart of my life, mostly in summer months. We will have spontaneous week day pic nics after work, Its where we walk the family dog, and  sometimes on a saturday afternoon I will go sit on my fav bench and just read , blog or chill for hours.


AAFAutumn09Leaflet.indd Battersea Park  sits on the south side of the River Thames between Albert Bridge and Chelsea bridge. Which is  2 mins from my mum house and a about 6 mins from mine.

This will be one of the places I will miss the most when we leave London for good! So this and next summer i will spend as much time there as possible, to ensure i never forget the things i love about it, such as :


The Mile 🙂 well this is what my family an I call this long avenue that runs the length of the park.


The Peace Pagoda & Embankment 

This is the part of the park that i enjoy jogging and walking along the most! its absolutely beautiful!



P1070809 park 1

The playing fields football pitches, rugby fields, cricket, Astro turf , Tennis Courts and  The Track

P1070848 P1070854

are just some of my fav places in the park. Having these fields mean you can pop over the park, any day of the week, and catch a match of some sort happening:)


The track is a little bit more special as I spent Countless hours there ,when I was younger and an atherlete.This is the home track of my (ex) Team The Belgrave Harriors.

Going for a walk through and around tP1070768he park is probably my fav thing to do and what  will miss most. The different seasons allow  the parks look and feels to change year round. I have taken many walks in this park, walking the family dog ( Barney) , clearing my head after a long day or argument! catching up with friends or taking my fav type of walk, a walk with my mum:) Picture Right: shadows of  Mum and I

Below: things we see as we walk.

the park

the park 2

 Bobs Bench.

Paula and Bob, are the most sweetest couple ever and  are part of my earliest memoriesP1070842 in this park. They used to meet me and my family every Sunday on the assault course whilst the boxers were training. They would  also take us to Bonfire Night every 5th November in Battersea park.

 Sadly, Bob passed away earlier this year. A memorial bench has been placed in the park, which means we can still visit Bob in the park any time:)                                                                                          Above Mum visiting Bob



Me & Bob














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