Film & TV Show Locations, That I Dream To Travel To. 

The list  of films and some TV shows  below, are not nesasserally my favorite films or shows but, I have enjoyed watching them time and time again over the years and what they all have in common is that they inspire(d) me to travel the location/countires where they were shot.

Anna Green Gables– Prince Edward Island, Canada

anna green gablesPrince Edward Island is the back drop to the brillant Anna of Green Gables series.  Prince Edward Island  has been a place I have been wanting to visit since I was maybe 8 years old and watched this Tv drama for the first time. Years later the vast  green landscapes and long sandy beaches tied together with an aire of clam, is what draws me there.  I hope it will be all I expected to be! when i do go there some day.

Romancing the Stone – Cartagena, Colombia

Romancing_the_StoneThis is a classic movie! that my brothers, sisters and I have watched time and time again, and probably still watch on a yearly basis. This cheassy Rom adventure, basically consist of two strangers trying to get to Cartagena for the entire movie with lost of twists and turns thrown in. To be honest I didn’t think I would ever get to Cartegena, but, I did in 2012! WOOP! 🙂  The city is beautiful and full of colour, history and culture. However, before long you come face to face with the dark underbelly of organised crime and corruption, much like the movie. But, unlike the movies the danger is real, and therefore makes it hard to fully enjoy the city.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Iceland 

mitty I have wanted to visit Iceland well before i ever saw this movie however, the storyline, the adventure and of course the stunning  scenery shots have encouraged me to make this dream trip a reality.  So i am My mate Tanya and I are planning to head there in 2016 🙂

Pictured above: scenes from Walter Mitty

Jurassic park, Blue crush, The descendants & 50 First Dates  – Hawaii, USA

Fotor0804195645 I don’t know why but, I suspect  just like many others Hawaii in my mind is ultimate dream destination. I can’t tell you if its the lush green landscape or the assumed ulitmate laid back  beach culture with the perfect beach city life balance, that i find aluring. Eitherway I will continue to dream to travel to this place of my dreams.

The Skeleton key, True Blood , Heart of Dixie, True Detective Louisiana & the south Gulf of America

Fotor080420037ahhh My dream Road trip-  to drive from Austin Texas through Louisiana state, and along the gulf of America, and up to Savannah Georgia. This Part of the states is always portrayed as  dark and  dangerous yet mystical. The beautiful draping trees, the bayou, plantations,  colonia architecture, the rich history of the well preserved southern culture and lets not forget the  food, are all the things i can not wait to see, touch and feel, and taste in this mystical part of the planet earth.

Which movie or Tv Show locations would you like to travel to?  

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