My London : Along The River Thames prt1 -The Three Bridges.

The Three Bridges

Battersea Bridge , Albert Bridge & Chelsea Bridge 

The Three Bridges is what my family say when refering to Battersea , Albert & Chlesea Bridge. These Three Bridges span across the River Thames, Connecting Chealse to Battersea, and sit not ot far from my family home.

map- edited

Why we call it the Three Bridges: As I have mentioned inprevious posts, my farther  is a boxing instructor and used to train his boxers in the nearby Battersea Park.  The Three bridges is the name of the running route the boxers , myself and my sisters used to run as a warm up or warm down. This route takes you along the embankment and across each bridge before returning to the starting point.

I remember on hot summer days we would hide in a particular place,  basically cheating , waiting for an appropriate amount of time before we would run to the finish and pretend to be tiered hahahah my older sister used to  be such a scary cat and spend the entire time hoping we don’t get caught 🙂 thinking back now i bet my farther knew;)

P1070945TODAY– I no longer jog along there but my brother still does. I just like to stroll along the embankment every now and again.

 The Three Bridges are made up of , exactly that 3 bridges.  the 3 bridges are as follows :

Battersea Bridge 

Fun Facts – Opened in  July 21, 1890 – built by Joseph Bazalgette- Spans 221m-  Bridge Type Arch bridge, Cantilever bridge.

I cross this bridge everyday on my way to work. Even though this bridge is the least adorned of the three, it still remains my favorite of the three.

 Albert Bridge –

P1070965Fun Facts – Opened in:  July 21, 1873 – built by: Joseph Bazalgette & Rowland Mason Ordish- Spans: 22om.

This bridge is the oldest of the three and appears in many movies, and rightfully so, as it’s in my opinion the nicest looking bridge that spans the river Thames.

 Chelsea Bridge:

P1070999Fun Facts – Opened in: 6 May 1937 – Spans 213m.Bridge Type: Self-anchored suspension bridge.


A walk Along The Embankments

Like i said i do enjoy walking the three bridges from time to time. Its a lovely walk. especially in the summer.



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