4 More sleeps till: Andalusia!!! :)

WOW is it really Thursdays already! Work and life has been so crazy that this upcoming adventure has crept up on us!   We have been going through a rough time over the past 2 weeks so this holiday couldn’t have come at a better time! this backpacking trip will also now be a couples retreat, Where Fernando and I e can work through a few problems and come back ready to face the world as a TEAM! ( fingers Crossed)

We are very much excited!!!! even though we still have so much to do. I for one,  have to buy a new pair of hiking shoes and/or trainers, & a few bikinis, get my hair done, PACK!!  I can not even remember what time we fly on monday hahahaha! well I best get my ass into gear quick, fast and in a hurry!


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