The Andalusian Adventure Begins…..The Itinerary

The Itinery :

London to Malaga- Granada (4days)-Seville(2days) -Cadiz-(4days)-Malaga (2day)- London( until our next adventure:)

The journey so far:

So we are here, day three of this adventure. In that time we have flown to Malaga, where the buses to Granada (stop1) were fully booked till 5pm therefore giving us time to enjoy Malaga city before heading out.

Yesturday the we spent the day exploring this goeogious city of Granada, or as i call it the city of food and music. Today we spent the day in the ALHAMBRA, which is beautiful to say the very least.  Tomorrow we are escaping the hustle and bustle and headind to Alpujarra! I can not wait! 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Andalusian Adventure Begins…..The Itinerary

    • Yes, It is such a lovely place I most definatly will return.

      Tip im not sure if you have pet but, If you have a dog(s) and plan to travel with them Cadiz is perfect. Almost everyone has a dog there. s its very dog friendly!

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