Cadiz! :) – The Highlights

Andalusian Adventure post 9 Just thinking of Cadiz brings a smile to my face. This beautiful beach side town was the perfect place for the 3rd sto of our trip . Why? because by this point we were just wanting to relax, wake up late, Chill on the beach,  and simply have no plans for […]

101 Pictures Of : The patterens & details of the Alcazar Palace, Seville

Andalusian Adventure post 6 The Alcazar Palace, in Seville is my favorite Andalusian Palace of them all 🙂  I could and have spent hours admiring the complex details, textures and patterns that make up the breathtaking  indoor ad outdoor spaces of this magical palace.   The Patterns – Textures – Details of Alcazar          I could […]

Las Alpujarras: A whistel stop tour of 5 mountain towns

Andalusian Adventure post 5 Due to lack of pre planning and time we simply didn’t have time to go hiking in the Alpujarras. We , well i was very keen to see this region of mountain villages  that cling to the southern flanks of the Sierra Nevada,  and was determined to get there even if just for […]

Granada: The Highlights

Andalusian Adventure-post 3 Granada – The First stop on ‘our Andalusian Adventure! If I had to describe Granada, in 3 words it would  be Pleasant, charming and youthful. I Felt Granada catered best for the young ( under 25’s) and the older ( over 65) i know strange mix but it works! My thought : I enjoyed my time […]