Granada: 10 Wierd, Random & Wonderful Obersvations

Andalusian Adventure post 3

P10805521. Music everywhere– All types of  instrumental sounds fill the city air  all day long, and it’s wonderful. Basically we had a soundtrack to our adventure. A particular fav of mine was a  guy playing the ummm what looked like a double-sided wok 😉 it made such a nice soothing sound.

2P1080205. Water water and more water fountains – fresh water fountains can be found all over the city. I thought they were purely decorative but to my surprise these fountains are used by locals and tourists alike. Perfect for cooling you down as u explore the city. Tip: re fill your water bottle as you go, your save a few euros.

3.IMAG1585 Big Vehicles and Tiny Alliways – this is something that caught me of guard upon arrival whilst in a taxi going down these tiny roads was frightening, especially when thy take the sharp corners. eekk!!

4. The slow lane. Driving slowly even on the motorway is how they roll in Granada, weird! Yes,  but also wonderful. Taking it slow has its benefits, for instance you can take in your surroundings, whether it be the enchanting city streets or the stunning landscapes just chillax and enjoy the ride.

5. Very very very few people of colour– Like Buenos Aires,  you can go days without seeing another person of colour. Ok maybe im exaggerating, you may see one person of colour a day. Its a strange feeling for me coming from London, and even though everyone is extremely friendly and I had an amazing time, I must admit i felt a little isolated, was always aware of myself and not sure of how people would react to me. I am happy to say people we so nice!  These days most cities are very diverse, especially those in such close proximity of an entire continent of people of colour ( in this case, Africa). As Granada/Andalusia derives from a diverse past and exhibit a young fresh open-mindedness, I would have thought It would be one if not the main mixing bowl in spain.

6. Banks and pharmacies galore!! – You can find at least 3 of each every 10 steps you take, and this is not an exaggeration. I can not begin to understand why anyone  would ever need so many of these, but hey I guess that’s just how they roll in Granada.Random!


7. Free food – whoever said there is no such thing as a free lunch wad mistaken. In most tapas bars around the city, ever drink will come with a plate of tapas, even if u are ordering tapas they will still give u the free  one  too. It is usually a decent size portion too weird and wonderful:)


8.The Budget Travelers Paradise– Granada, has what seems like a billions budget accommodation options. 0-5 star accommodation is available however, i would say the vast majority are 2 star hotels, pensions and hostels. We stayed in a hostel/inn, don’t let the low star rating fool you, our accommodation felt more 3/4 star….I guess that’s just how they role in Granada.

9. Not to IMAG1560cool for old school – I was pleasantly surprised to see that this old school method of advertising and communications is still in play. All over the city you will find leaflets and notices stuck on walls. It gives the city another human layer that I find comforting.  It’s nice to see that human contact and communications are still a way of life here,  and that the bloody internet has not taken over. astonishing in a town where over 60% of the habitants are students!


2 thoughts on “Granada: 10 Wierd, Random & Wonderful Obersvations

  1. I didn’t take to the city at all but maybe I didn’t give it a fair trial. The setting and Alhambra are incomparable, of course, but it was cool and grey and I had just come from Cordoba, with which I was a little in love. Can’t love everywhere, can we? Must have a look at your itinerary to see where next. 🙂

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