48 Hours in Seville!

Andalusian Adventure post 7

Seville, was the 2nd stop on our trip. I was so hyped to be there, as unlike the “nice and delicate” Granada, this city  had a pair of balls. It was alive and kicking! of course it’s still “nice” but with an edge, basically the things that I enjoy  & expect from city life were present. With only  48 hours to spare,I for one couldn’t,t wait to check in, head out, and get  involved.


13.00 We arrived in Seville bus station its raining so we jump in a cab and head to the hotel. Hotel Bocas!

  • Great centrally located hotel. cheap 2 star accommodation but its great for short stays. the decor of the hotel is fabulous  and the rooms are basic and clean the rooms have a flat screen tv and private bathrooms. Dorm type rooms are also available.

14.45 Rain stopped, the sun was out ( score!!) just in time as we are about to hit the streets. Our Hotel Baco,  Ideally located making it easy for us to cover the majority of the old town and beyond.

  • first stop LA SETAS (3 euro)  or the mushroom as the local call it I’m In love with this awesome piece of architecture and the way seems to mould  into the old and brings the cit in to the 21st century. adding yet another layer of history. The Sestas consists of six parasols in the form of giant mushroom, visually very impressive and a lot of fun  to explore.
  • Next a walk through the shopping district then, we start to free style. Explore the maze like streets of Seville, we spend a while “pretending” we aren’t lost before stopping for ice-cream, and taking out the map. Next Stop The catderal!
  • The cathedral ( 8 euro) – nice!! after  we wanted to going but the queue was horrendous and we thought we try the next day as we will be out and about early…..we did however spend a while admiring the eminence structure and fo course took a bazillion pictures
  • Next we take another peek at the trusty map and decide to head towards the famous Torre de oro, ( 3euro entrance fee) . This is a short but sweet stop. We both feel happy to see this Tower in the flesh, having seen it in so many  films. As we already took in the views from the Sestas we didn’t bother to go up! ummm maybe next time.

17.30 – Hungry but not starving, we stop for a snack break! Good old Macdonald’s 🙂 we grab a burger, used the free wi-fi and by 18.00 we were on our way.

  • Plaza de Espana bound, we take the riverside walk, ahh hand in hand we have a romantic moment and talk about the type of city/place we would like to move too in the near furture.

18.20 – Plaza de Espana Free- Fernando Loved this building and space!

18.45 – Parque De Maria Lusia – The 2 man Bike ( 10 euro for 30mins) good fun for the first 5 mins

19.15 – The long walk home back through town.

  • stopping of for a Tinto de verano (Summer red wine) on the avenida de consitucion, whist people watching. AAt this point I nhave totally disconnected from my everday life ad im just in the moment, and loving it.

21.00 – Home,  hunger creeping in, my feet wanting to rest but my stomach forces me to shower and before you know it we are heading out on a mission for food!!!!.

22.00 Dinner – what a shambles …

  • .Right long story short( ish)   to avoid hours of endless searching for places to eat and drink we made a pack at the beginning of the trip, – that  wherever the most people are that s where the good stuff is and therefore that’s where we shall eat. Great plan and it was working but, at this point I was so grumpy, super-duper hungry that my rational  part of the brain has stopped working. So, we spend the next 1.5 hours debating , looking at menus , then we picked a place to realise that don’t have anything we wanted and the one thing we want they do not have, so we leave finidh our drinks and leave. back on the search…..

23.30 …..we were getting a little tired after this and decide to go back to the very first restaurant we said we liked ..( the one with all the people).Good choice, great service , even better food and when the bill came we only paid 16 euros! bargin!! so all well that end well i guess:) …I guess sticking to the plan was the moral of that story!

01.00 home, movie in bed – Saweet!! I dream of what will be the next day has to offer……:)



10.00 –  Breakfast on the roof terrace, and a little day planning

11.30P1090038 Taking a different route than yesterday,  we head back into the old town Alcazar bound.  As we approach Alcazar Palace, we notice that there is a church service in session, so we use this as a oppertunity to see the cathedral ( for free) and of course say a little pray.


12.30 Alcazar Palace,  Regular ticket: 9.50 €

OMG i just love this place. Its a must do if you are in Seville. This was my second time there and Fernando first and we both love it! 

See my post 101 pictres of: The patterns and details of Alcazar .

15.30 – Back to reality! we leave the Palace walls, now feeling a little hungry we are decide to head to Tirana for lunch, but not before going to the Museo Del Bailee Flamenco, to purchase some tickets for this evenings show:)

16.30 – LOST !  oh my gosh. every person we ask for directions says it is around the next corner, -my fav “go straight do a few  zig zags and your there” ( REALLY!!) after an hour we finally find it! and realise it was so close to where we originally started – man these streets look the same.

16.30-18.00 –  Museo Del Bailee Flamenco, Price – Show, 20€ Show & Museum 24€

When we arrive and  it just so happens to be a show starting at  17.00 – Though we were hungry, after that expedition we decided to stay and reward ourselves with the 5pm show -.

  • This Truly truly amazing show.  I highly recommend this show another  Seville must do. The show was is defiantly in my  top 3 best bits of this entire adventure! Theperformer change everyday, and had I known this I would have gone twice! Note: Remember to book in advance for the evening shows as they seem to sell out super duper fast. As i said this is the best show in town.

18.30 Back to Bacos Hotel. Shower,  change and head out to Dinner on the River bank of, Triana

20.00 We arrive on the river banks together with  so many people. No idea whats going on we decided to investigate:)

as we cross the river we realise its a speacil festivo saint day and everyone has come to the riverbanks to the prosessin of the saint. Getting caugt up in the moment and fernando being spanish catholic , we buy a few beers and  join the rest of the city in the celebraions ( fyi still not eatten)

21.00 we cross back over from Triana in search of a nice restaurant for a plato fuerte ( spanish for a full heavy meal as aposeed to tapas or a boacadillo, which is Spanish for bagette) Unlike the night before we stick to the game plan and walk aound a series of particular streets and once we are done to just agree which had the best menu and most peps.

22.00 We have ordered our dinner and are enjoying a glass of wine. Happy days:)

23.45 we arrive back at the hotel and go straight to the roof top bar. We are shattered but also want to  make the most of it as it is saturday night, and our last night in Seville. We over hear the Bar man telling a couple  that everyone will be in the Plaza Alameda De Hercules, tonight we join in the conversation, get the directions and before you know it we are on our way to party!!!

01.00 – We arrive at Plaza Alameda De Hercules- 

This is not what we exactly had in mind, basically its just loads of people drinking and talking  in the kilometer long plaza which is surrounded with bars-no music nothing justmass socialising  even though it was quite impressive to see everyone out and socializing and happy,  we were hoping for a little live music or something so we could have a dance:(

2.00 – After a few beers  we head home, as not much is actually happening . as we head home we realise the streets are more lively than they are during the day! people everywhere, bars, restaurant’s and the streets are filled with laughter! even the ice-cream shop is full! at this hour. We love this vibe of this 24 hour city and decide to stroll and his just take it all in . I know at this pointthat i will miss this city…

03.30 We arrive home shattered and ready to fall into a deep deep  Sleep!

Day 3

10.30 We get up , have breakfast and get ready to check out .

11.30 we check out.P1080783

12.00 we start making our way to the bus station – We take the public bus and arrive at the station with just enough time to buy some provisions for the bus ride and have a coffee ( cafe bon-bon) our favorite:)

13.00 exactly 48 hours  since our arrival we get on our bus a leave Cadiz Bound where the adventure continues……..


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