Seville: 5 Wierd, Random & Wonderful Obersvations

Andalusian Adventure post 8

1. The 24 hour city with 24hr shops. These cute little vending machine shops are dotted all around the city.  You can buy a variety of hot and cold snacks, drinks and even sex toys!!!!  , but strangely you can’t buy cigarettes – wierd! & random;)

These lil shops wouldn’t lat last 12hrs in the mean streets of  london but they are awesome!!


2. The circle of life. In Sevilla there are many horse-drawn carriages, and these IMAG1598horse’s have to poo , which they do all over town. But, never fear the birds are here.  – yes the birds of the city seem to love to eat shit for breakfast lunch and dinner..yuck!!!! i know but its the circle of life – i say this is weird yet wonderful.


2. Man oh man – tons of men seem to gather in bars mostly during the day . ok this doesn’t sound too strange but it its defiantly weird!! . Im not talking about old men it’s the young and fun middle aged all huddled into bars together with not one women in site! So many times I walked into a bar  with Fernando  and its  just a large sausage sandwich, and you get the look, we look at each other and read each others minds ” ummm guess we better find somewhere else”   on day we were so thirsty that I thought sod it! I need shade and alemenatation as they say here in andalusia…so I was brave enough to go in but then chicken out and sat on the mezzanine level , while fern went to the bar amongst the many many many men…as I sat near the door in a space of 5 mins at least 4 couples came in and left immediately , and i get it, it feel like you have walked into a boys club – and that the last lace i want to be

3. Rubbish dispose unit s of Seville – Random!! The locals dispose of their waste the random units that are dotted over the city and I assume link to somewhere underground . Great system but it does make me wonder what kinda state it is underground, and who goes down there and when – is there another city down there ?? 😉 or is it out of site out of mind??? it remain a mystery!


5. Mass drinking and socializing, is very big in spain, but in Seville its on a different level. The best example was one night around 1am Fernando and i, having been told about this fiesta taking place not far from our hotel, decided to go check it out. 1am, and the streets were heaving,  it felt more like midday than midnight.  We were told Plaza Alameda De Hercules was where everyone and anyone was going to be that night and they were not wrong  We arrived at a massive plaza, which was about 1k long , with bars and restaurants running around the edges. Almost every inch of this plaza was covered with people, casually drinking and taking in groups. No music, no entertainment just people of all ages from kids to the elderly catching up and hangingbout. We decided to grab a beer and take a seat on the floor in an attempted to get involved  but, after 5 mins I was a little board. I just couldn’t understand why  people chose to do this had there been music or something. I mean they could be at home relaxing  with friends….but then more we sat there and watched i realised……..

…………how wonderful it is. I mean the entire community, at least 500 poeple in that moment just chilling out togehter. No one was drunk and disorderly, everyone was happy and more people was arriving by the minute. Most of all I admire the fact that life doesnt stop just because its night time, especially here where so many work in hospitality or retail and finish work very late.  They dont miss out on life. This really hit home as ferndon works in hospitality working most days  till 12 am, which means we only see eachother sunday and he has no social life. Now,that wouldn’t be the case  if we lived in Seville. I thin kthey are on to something here:)


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