Cadiz! :) – The Highlights

Andalusian Adventure post 9

Just thinking of Cadiz brings a smile to my face. This beautiful beach side town was the perfect place for the 3rd sto of our trip . Why? because by this point we were just wanting to relax, wake up late, Chill on the beach,  and simply have no plans for a second.  Cadiz finally allowed us to have a little holiday time as opposed to travel time!

About Cadiz 

Cadiz-mapCádiz is a city and port in southwestern Spain and considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in Europe. This historic city is surrounded almost entirely by water and beaches stretching  for miles. Surprisingly there were more sights  and things to do here than i anticipated of wich the following were ….

…. The Highlights 

Exploring the majestic Old Town  The golden beaches The Coastal Walks at Sunset 


Exploring the old Town : was defiantly a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting there to be much of anything to see, but the 2 castles, a historic mirador ( viewing tower) , a massive fresh food market and an amazing coastal walks kept us very entertained 🙂

The Food Market, a.k.a Fernando version of heaven!:)  – we ended up buying prawns for later ,cooked prawns for there and then, and a few other weird and wonderful treats, some of which I had never seen or heard of before. 


The Beaches 🙂 

Cadiz has miles and miles and Miles of golden beaches – located on the new town is The longest beach, Playa Victoria. Closer to the old town you will find Santa Maria del Mar, beach. This is a much smaller beach but by no means a small beach. and the Third beach called La Caleta, is located in The Old town, this is the only beach in the old town and is  also known as the beach from the scene in James bond where Halle Berry  emerges from the sea in an orange bikini. As well as its claim to movie fame it is also the perfect spot for sun set!

Victoria Beach & the new town

victoria beach

victoria beach

victoria beach

victoria beach

Playa Santa Maria Del Sur

My prefered beach. It has a bar and restaurant on one end of the beach and a beach bar on the other side of the beach. The water is less choppy so you can actually have a swim and best of all it is walking distance from the old town.


La Caleta Beach – a.k.a Halle Berry Beach ( as its called by the locals) 

This beach is a place people flock to in the late afternoon and evenings. In the late afternoon you will find groups of  Middle aged people playing ludo on the beach whilst slightly younger adults fill the bars and restaurants scattered on and along the beach.


halle berrybeach


 Coastal Walks at Sunset

Cadiz is great for evening strolls, especially when the sun it setting!




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