Escaping to a life less (lond) ordinary

Hey there I have been gone a little while as i have been a little occupied “Planning a Life less (Lon) ordinary”

The past 3 month have been filled with conversations, about making a life altering decisions to leave the UK and move to SPAIN!!  After much deliberation we decided that we are gona through all caution to the wind and go for and within the next 5 months we will have moved!


However, before we settle into our brand new life in sunny spain, we have  also decided to take a few month off to travel, see our families ( who live all over the word) and to most spend some time TOGETHER. Though we live together due to our work schedules we only see each other midday to midnight sunday :(, which totally sucks!!!

So you may be thinking what prompted this decisions to move…..well if you have read this blog you will know we wanted to leave London in a few years time, and i guess we have reached the point in our lives when we had no more reasons to stay and a  million reasons to go! It was like, what are we actually waiting for ? if we don’t go now then when?                                                          

 Even after 12 years here we are never really settled in. We miss the things we can not get in this concrete jungle such as sun, sea, rolling hills…..and don’t get me started on the cost of living and breathing in London.I ts SO expensive,  as if it’s should be  a privilege to be able to actually have a happy life, Madness! Plus on a more particle note we couldn’t imagine nor could we afford to raising a family here , well i guess we could if we worked to the bone and never actually saw our kids then maybe we could scrape though also this new family would need a bigger place to live, and London prices wont allow us to move without moving to the boondocks ( not an option) Lastly the Spanish Life style overall is much better suited to us and our needs and most importantly we will be so much closer to ALL Fernando’s family, who we miss dearly!

 Now we have made this decision I find myself askingSo whats happens next?  – Now we gotta make it happen, extensive330900-what-next-after-sslcplanning, packing selling stuff is whats next but, i will do it with a smile as the rewards will be a 2month HOLIDAY!!!! oh i gotta plan that too 🙂  ……so i guess what this space  over the next 6 -12month  and follow our ups and downs of  planning, saving, traveling, moving and exploring a whole new world! yay!!!!




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