My travel Music & Movie Playlist!

One of my fav parts about getting ready for a trip is sorting my entertainment. I probably spend more time sorting this part than i do sorting my clothes. Trust me being board on long train/coach journeys is not the one! and there comes many times when all you wana do is chill/ Zone the hell out with a good book, music or movie!

Usually I pack at the very least one book, tons of Music and Movie, plus these days as TV has got crazy good so, i usually have a few seasons of something or the other too.

For my up coming trip this is how my entertainment is looking so far!

Music currently im loving a few songs from the Begin Again soundtack, and the Nashville Soundtrack this song in particular “A life that good” 

However, there are a few songs that ALWAYS make the Travel Playlist. 

1: Alanis Morrisette – Hand in my Pocket
2: The Very Thought of You – Ella Fitzgerald
3: Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing – Stevie Wonder
4:What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
5: Nat King Cole, Unforgettable
6: Wicked ( album)
7: All I Wanna Do – Sheryl Crow
8: John Mayer – New deep
9: skee-Lo – I wish
10: Pink – God Is A DJ – A-Z Lyrics

Films  – The ones that always make the playlist!

1: The Terminal
2: adventures in babysitting
3: Big business
4:Forest Gump
5: Blood in Blood Out

im going to read is A thousand splendid suns! ( finally)
and I will finish Dan Browns, Lost symbol.

I am currently not watching Helix  or Banshee so i can tak that with me to Asia:) & when i get to Barcelona i will finally start Dowton Abbey.


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