9 Weeks to go- Blasts from the past whilst clearing out my stuff!

The weeks are just flying by! so far i have managed to create a little organisation and know its all about execution. sorting through my stuff deciding what stays what goes it therapeutic in an away. We have come across tons of blasts from the past. whether it be picture, or a ticket stub , or something we brought a million years ago, it brings back really good memories. It’s nice to remember all that has been for the past 18 years together.

Thing that really pulled on my heart-strings so far was a few pictures i came upon, of Fernando and i, my brother and sister from when we lived in the Canary islands. I remember that day so clearly. We was a little bord and felt like going on an “adventure” so we decided this would be the day we conqure montana guaza ( Guaza mountain). We headed out with my little sister friend Natalia , who as you can see is not in the pictures as she couldn’t even climb over the tiny wall at the very start of our “adventure”so she quickly retired and went back home.

We continued but sadly didn’t get that much further ourselves. AS it was so close to a house like literally in the back yard we didn’t think about bringing provisions so about 40 mins in we got super thirsty and thought we better head back. Not before a photo shoot of course lol!

We look so young i was 16 years old in these pictures –Ahh good times0


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