Packing for a Life a life less (lond) ordinary

I am taking a mini break from packing to basically blog moan about it.
This is my most dreaded part of this entire moving malaki!! I hate it, with a passion!

As a person who is obsessed with organisation i actually enjoy the initial stages, you know planning what goes where etc etc …but then actually having to carry out the task of packing, clearing, shredding, & cleaning,  makes me think it would just be easier to forget the move and just stay. Ok maybe that’s a little dramatic, but having to pack for various times lines is loonnnGGGG.

Packing time line 1 for our 2month in Asia ( easy peasy shorts sandles t shirts done)
packing time line 2 – the short-term Barcelona stuff – this is the stuff we will pick up upon our return from asia, to bring with us to Barcelona while we settle find jobs, a flat …..

Packing time line 3 is for the long term stuff that will be shipped once we are settled.

packing time line 4 – the stuff we will never get rid of but dont actually need- this stuff will be shipped to the Canary islands – for those of you who dont know this is where i grew up , where Fernando from and where we met 18 years ago and literally where our home is.

the rest will be sold ( yet another tedious chore)

you know i realised that the thing i think i will miss the most in the first few months is my flatscreen TV , and my 200 plus DVD collection – waiting for that to be shipped over will be a longest 3-6 months ever. Spanish TV ,in my opinion, is pants! but i guess the culture and architecture of BARCELONA!! will keep me entertained for shizzel!

any who rant over !! this stuff won’t pack itself so i guess i better get back to it!

until next time take care



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