Mid week dreaming: where would i go right now if money was of no consequence??

One type of holiday i have always dreamed about takeing it’s that luxury holiday. you know the one where money is of no consequence, you spend your days chilling in your Amazingly beautiful accommodation and indulging in the facilities and the finest foods, or prehaps taking a quick swim in your infinity pool or the soaking in the bombastic view from there terrace……



imagesI have dreamed of this holiday for years and years every now and again i find the perfect luxury holiday and convince myself im going to book it and then as i get the credit card I start thinking how much MORE I can get for my money. If I donated half of the cost to charity I would still have enough to travel for 2 or 3 months, not to mention i’ll see more, do more, experience more! ……ahhhh if only i was a millionaire! damn it!!!

Well until I am a millionaire I will keep daydreaming of these 2 luxury holiday scenarios

At the Beach House i dream im there for the summer, my family come to stay for a few weeks too and we have an amazing time, having bbq’s, going to the beach, bike rides ………and we end the summer with the party of all parties.

At The Penthouse  Its just me and my man, 2 long weeks of pure indulgence in every sence of the word 😉  In this day dream this penthouse is massive! and is fully kitted out with gym, steam room, swimming pool, Liburay , cinema room and we even have a chef a few times a week !

ahhh i could day dream forever:)

Where would you go/stay if you had 10 days and money was of not consiquence ?


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