6 Tips/ Lessons Learned to speed up your Online Apartment hunting Process

You can and will be online for hours and hours searching comparing, deciding but learned this week you can save tons of time if you just be honest with yourself and don’t fly of into the world of fantasy, something I spent the first part of the week doing,  WK1 –Escaping to a life less ordinary. : Online Apartment Hunting

Basically you need to:

  1. know What you want.
  2. know What u need
  3. know What you can afford
  4. then to find a happy medium
  5. Write your  happy medium specifications  and budget down. Then just stick to it. Simples!
  6. Lastly do not waste time looking at things that are over budget, or do not meet the key specifications.

If you just do the above you will shave a time off this long yet fun process! i.e for our Barcelona short let

I want: A 2 bed with a large terrace, spacious kitchen, and living room – in El Borne or Barrio Gotico areas ( City centre lively & buzzing )

What i need: Studio with balcony, with great transport links – near super markets, up to 20mins away from centre of town.

Happy medium /realistic on my budget:  1 bed, open plan kitchen living room dinner, near supermarket, good transport link and 25 walk mins away from the excitement

What we have found: 1 bed by the beach, good amenities, and transport links. probably not the location we would live in, in the long-term but its ideal for summer months!

 Barcelona Monthly rental Site I can recommend

There are quite a few sites and i think in the past week i have visited most of them here are the ones that i think were the best!

1.vivebarcelona.com – Defo the champion of the sites – in my opinion,  quick and easy process, user-friendly site and Affordable flats. The flats are fully furnished with everything you need for a short let  The communications are brilliant and there seems to be no hidden fees and foolishness.The price given includes it all no fuss and no deposits! – The only critique is that there are not a lot of reviews, or up to date pictures. – this is the company that we are going to use so i will do a full review 2 weeks afer we have moved into the flat.

2. Barcelona-Home.com – Simple user-friendly website, no fuss booking process. there are may client reviews to read on the apartment . The only criticism that the apartments were a little over our budget / a little expensive for what was being offered. however, I would use this site if our other options do not work out.

3. The suitelife.comBrilliant website site ( i actually used this almost all my research and its so informative on EVERYthing you need to know when moving to Barcelona).

For those that are moving to spain who do not speak spanish this is the place for you. They have covered all bases offering a great furnished apartments as well as amazing transition packages such as,  helping  setting up your bank accounts,  applying for NIE, setting up your internet even your mobile phone contracts. The only downside is the cost of  and apartment are a little over priced for that it is but i guess –

I will defo consider this company when we are seeking our long-term accommodation! you just know your be in safe hands with these guys.




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