WK1 Escaping to a life less ordinary: Online Apartment Hunting

Week one – Escaping to a life less ordinary. 

Virtual apartment hunting is s something i have spent ALOT of hours doing this week.

Rather than just jump right in we have decided to slow it down and go for 3 months rental property, taking the view that it should be enough time to get settled, get to know the city and most importantly get jobs! ( ekk) Now should that go to plan and we actually enjoy living in Barcelona, then we will be in a better position to know what we can afford, and in what area we actually want/need to plant roots.

With all this in mind,  ahead of our trip to Barcelona, next week , I have been surfing the internet like a crazydownload (1)y person to see what we can afford on our budget and contacting letting agencies. It’s actually quite surprising how easy yet time-consuming this exercise can be, especially when you run off to the land of make-believe and start looking at things that are so not in your budget, or location. yep im guilty. I spent at least 2 days dreaming then convincing myself that a place i had found was THE place. The long and short of this story is that it was not!

download (2)it was sooooo far-fetched and unsuitable for our needs that i actually feel quite ashamed when i saw the look on Fernando’s face when I excitedly showed him my findings. It was a look of  pity with a dash of confusions. If it could talk it would have said – “ahhhh B you got carried away again, now girl PA, lease get real!”  Fernando thankfully  always declines my invitation to the land of make-believe and within the hour it was crystal clear exactly what we needed and how much we should spend. keep-calm-and-welcome-back-to-reality-18

Back to reality  I was back on the hunt.and by the following day i had found  3 good possible flat for us.  I think the moral of this story is unless you literally have time to waste just stick to the facts and figures and you will save yourself tons of time! Dont even entertain the massive 3 bed with the panoramic views if it’s not what you need, what you’re looking for and/or way over budget ( oops 🙂 ) – see my post 6 Tips to speed up Online Apartment hunting Process

We have finally agreed on a place last night and should it still be available we will seal the deal today! yes very exciting times !!!!


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