WK2 – Escaping to a life less ordinary: Pre-Moving Trip To Barcelona!

Week 2 – Escaping to a life less ordinary

The first hour of our pre move visit to Barcelona, I was proper shitting my pants, I think the fact that this long time dream is becoming a reality made me freak out a little:) but after that inital hour  I knew we was exactly where we was supposed to be. I guess i have always know  My ” I could so live there” there list

Find a neighbourhood to live in – We spent a lot of our time seeking information about how to open bank accounts, getting register as a resident and all those fun time things! ( boooo) but the real fun part was exploring the different neighbourhood looking for a place to live for our first three months. The area we both agreed on was Barcelonetta, and we even paid our deposits on a place.


Barcelontea – Barceloneta is a small neighbourhood  in Barcelona that was historically a fishermen’s village, which went through a massive overhaul for the Olympics of 1992. This triangular bit of land has Barcelona’s Port Vell, on one side, and sandy beaches on the other. 

Why we chose Barcelonate? – we chose this area because of its small beach town vibe, and its proximity to the beach which is ideal for those summer months in which we arrive. It is also just a 10 mins walk to our fav parts of the city centre El Riberia and El Born in one direction, and 10 min in the other direction you have some of the cities best bars, clubs and restaurants. this will be the perfect setting for the summer me thinks!









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