TRAVELLING SOLO – Something everyone should do at least once in their life time.

The first time you travel alone can be super scary but, for me I wasnt going to let fear and the fact that my friends couldn’t travel with me stop me from seeing the world. This doesn’t mean that i didn’t cry like a bitch on the aeroplane of my first solo trip. But, once you get over that initial hump, and have a freak out session or three, you soon realise that everything is going to be just fine.

Solo travel, doesn’t mean your literally be alone – If you’ve been putting off a trip because you’re waiting for someone to go with you , then my advise to you is Stop waiting and Just go. Trust me you will  not be alone for long. Along the way you will meet loads of new people, the majority or which are solo travelers. You could be the shyest person on the plant and you will meet people. Moreover, most travelers are  going to exactly the same places so its pretty much customary for people to group together for parts of their journey. If your lucky some of these short term relationships may turn into friends for life. quotes-freedom-requires_8284-2

Solo travel gives you Optimum freedom –  From the moment you wake up until you go to bed it’s all about you – you can do what you want , where ,when and how you want . The choices are all yours. Then somewhere amid this endless freedom  of endless possibilities, you meet yourself , for possible the very first time. Its a indescribable feeling. you can’t run or hide from it, there you are, plain as day in all forms both the good and the bad. And each day you feel yourself grow and find out things you never knew about yourself.

personal growth and developmetPersonal Growth  and development – Pass Or Fail – it’s a pass or fail type of environment on the road , Some people will book a flight back home at the first sign of trouble ( fail),  other will cry themselves to sleep for the first week , where others just naturally take to it–  eitherway  as long as you stay the course you will learn how to survive, how to make friends, how to enjoy being in your own company, and how beautiful and simultaneously ugly the real world can be. Each day you become more independent, confident and knowledgeable of yourself and the world around you.

It’s not always sunshine and rainbows – You will have tough days and down right awful days!  where everything gone wrong  – you got your mobile stolen, you got your heart-broken,  your stuck in the middle of nowhere and missed the last bus, or my personal worst, when your ill and your realise that your alone 😦 no family or old friends to comfort you – Tuff times.

bad dayBut like i said its pass or fail my dears, you gotta shake it off and keep going forwards, after a good cry of course :). Again if you stay the course it’s just personal growth points for you.

So whether its a 2 week adventure or a year-long voyage I challenge you to go for it! the worst that can happen is that you learn something about yourself.

A few quick  tips for first time solo travelers 

  1. Book a Tour If you’re still nervous– book a tour. Small-group adventure trips are often largely comprised of solo travellers; they are a good way to get started. It’s also handy on traveling overland distances that you would be otherwise “scared” to do alone.
  2. Have an agenda keep yourself busy with things that interest you or challenge your self to do a number of  things you haven’t done before. of course you will meet people and plans will take a detour but  its important that you know what you’re doing and not just following others on their path, furthermore those days when you have no company your be far to occupied to notice if you have made your own plans
  3. Dont over plan– Plan your first few weeks butafter that let the journey unfold as it will. trust me this will save you time and money. On my first trip I planned my first 2 months – accommodation & flights, 3 weeks in and my plans changed. Instead of heading to costa Rica then onto Panama I found myself in Colombia! I lost the money on my flight and accommodations.  Rocky mistake!
  4. Dont be scared don’t be shy just get stuck in!

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