WK3 Escaping to a life less ordinary: Dentist + Doctors + Sick in bed :( = a shitty week

Week three – Escaping to a life less ordinary. 

This week started of  really well from 9am – 11 am Monday morning, after that it was all down hill!

dental-drill-fearMonday  – 11am had a traumatizing dentist visit. To be fair it’s always a dramatic affair, and not having my mummy here to go with me make the whole ordeal frightening! – yes, im a 32-year-old women who brings her mummy to the dentist, I know im not the only one either. am I?? –  Later that day I had to get my travel shots! – another dramatizing experience 🙂 it wasn’t really that bad but, after an hour I had two dead arms and decided to have an early night ( 8pm I was out fr the count)

Tuesday I was in a foul mood all day!  Fernando and i got into a massive argument about 8am and that arguments-1set the tone for the rest of the day. The silver linng was that we managed to get a lot of packing done, as the usual messing about, laughing and joking was replaced by adeathly silence leaving us no alternative but to  crack on with the job at hand.

Wednesday – Sunday – Things started to look brighter  Wednesday afternoon catching up with my bestie :). Little did I know that was the calm before the storm ……once i got home I felt so tiered and decided to have a lay down, and that’s exactly how I spent the rest of the week. In bed with a hot water bottle a box of tissues and cold and flu medicine.

bed sickToday I’m feeling a little better  yay!!!! but still under the covers.  I refuse to let this trickle over to next week so, tomorrow I plan to get up and get on with the mission of getting us outta here. Not long now 3.5 weeks to go:)




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