2 Trips & 2 Cities Perfect for solo female travellers

I’m  sending virtual high five’s yo all you lady solo travelers out there  taking on the world! And to you ladies that are yet to have solo trip, look lively and get involved! you have no idea what your missing. I love Love love  solo travel , and though France and Canada seem to be the most popular destination for solo female travelers at the mo, i would recommend the following places for your next adventure. ( in no particular order)

Andalusia, Spain  Malaga, Granada, Cadiz & Seville:  Great food, great vibe, tons to see and do both day and night!

andalusia 2 This is a great solo trip where you never be stuck for things to do. As this is a popular route with travelers you will also meet a lot of people and pick up a few travel buddies.  transport Walkable cities with great transport links between cities. safety – Last year Spain ranked 26th Safest place in the world. so again your be fine, beware of pick pockets and normal safety precusions to be taken. Things to do: Cadiz Beaches!, Granada – Sun set at San Nicolas viewing spot & get lost he maze like streets of the Albayzín Malaga – Nightlife, Shopping , Alcazaba & the castillo de Gibralfaro Seville, Nightlife, Alcazar, & Museo de Balie Flameno is a must!  _________________________________________________________

  Stockholm  Diverse, mordern yet historic city with a funky chic vibe.  

Sweden, is much more diverse city than I was expecting and the food option, culture and general funck chic vibe was very applealing to me. The only downside is that Sweden is very expensive:( stockhom 2 Transport – This is a walkable city and the transport system is fab. Bikes are a popular choice for both locals and tourists. safety – Last year ranked 11th Safest place in the world. – Still usual precautions to be taken but all in all your safe and sound. Things to do – Eat tons, stroll around Galam stan ( the old town) Bike ride the entire city, Visit Skansen is the first open-air museum and zoo in Sweden, and hit the nightlife.


Bali & the Gilli IsalndsPeace, natural beauty, amazing food & Culture and crazy fun night life.

I remember arriving here late at night and thinking this is so not what I expected. 24 hours later I had made a group of new adventure buddies and I was off dicovering how majestic and brillant Bali is. Bali 1 Transport– Moped rental, private driver or taxi or motot taxi are your main options and all pretty cheap. ( Perama Travel do great tours and over land transfers too, and worth checking out.) safety  – Bali is not the safest place in the world but, its not the most unsafe place either. I would advise that you have wits about you and take the usual precuations. Avoid walking down the quite alley streets after 10pm alone. stick to the main/ active roads or just take a cab. besides that it’s so chilled you should be just fine. Things to do – ohh where to start Padang Padang beach, Uluwatu Temple, Ubud, Banjar Hot spring, Yoga, RELAX.


Rio –  Fun, Sun, Music, more Fun, Culture, dancing and a little more fun . 

This is the best place I have been to solo. Rio was never in my list of places to see. However, a few years ago I chose Rio as my last stop on a cantral and south America trip. My 3 day stay ended up being 3 months 🙂 It just an extraordinary place where you will never be short of things to do, people to meet , and adventure to be had. Rio colage transport – getting out and about in this city is super easy. Like any other major city it has brilliant tube and bus transport system, and best of all its a walkable city. safety – hahaha!  this is Rio so it’s not what i would describe as “safe”,though you maybe be surprised to hear that it ranked much higher for safety than USA and Thailand in 2014. I would say that your most likely get pickpocketed or your bag stolen. So don’t bring any valuables out with you  and if you do well I guess it’s all replaceable anyways. Things to do – Parque Lage, Bontaical gardens,  Leblon Beach & Ipanema beach (Posto 9,) Street parties as well as the infamous Lapa, your find there are street parties somewhere in the city every night. learn to samba if you dare;) —————————————————————————————————————



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    • Hiya Jeannette, thank you for stopping by and taking the tme to read my post. i too feel like i’m wasting my time ( at times) but it’s nice to know noot only are people reading but they are enjoying the post too :). B’

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