And So The Adventure Begins- Bangkok Plans

Finally over the jet lag i’m now truly ready for adventure 🙂 so far we have slept (alot) eaten (alot)  had a random night out ( ping pong show included) followed by a game of dodge the rat –  on our walk/run home.  Yes you reads it correctly RATS!!  I must have counted at least 8 whilst I was frantically dodging them running home. I swear one was actually waiting for the bus –  Mr Chow was right when he said! download (1)

………. Now that initial jet lag stageis over its time to get down to the nitty gritty. On the agenda for this coming week we plan to go on our eagerly anticipated self guided Roof Top Bar Crawl, Bike riding on Bang Krachao Island – nature reserve,  head up to Ayutthaya for the day, and a night out on the infamous Khao San Road, So watch this space

As for today  – we plan to head out and start to EXPLORE!!! leaving the parameters of Silom, starting along the river where we plan to visit the Grand Palace & temples before heading to China town.






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